On the technical side 10-04-2018
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On the technical side 10-04-2018

Are you under the impression that your information is safe “in the cloud”? DON’T BELIEVE IT!

Every day there are news stories of data compromises. Everyone should take note; you are the only one who can be trusted to guard your privacy. Don’t assume that the place in the cloud where your data is being stored is safe.

“It’s a big company….” You may have your information on a server at a big company but that doesn’t guaranty anything. Recent news about Facebook was that Facebook was hacked. Millions of people’s personal information was compromised. Facebook doesn’t appear to be very concerned and management probably prefers that you don’t know about this latest fiasco. The public has a short memory. “Don’t worry… Trust me … there isn’t any serious problem…”

Do you recall the “sincere” apologies offered by Facebook management after the last data compromise? Words don’t mean much when there is no action taken to resolve the situation. There needs to be a real price paid by companies that allow customer data to be compromised. It is true that the target of the data compromise didn’t actually execute the compromise but it was allowed to happen on their watch.

The Europeans have a very good solution to the problem. GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is a good first step towards forcing some change is the data wild west. Organizations are willing to harvest our information but aren’t willing to accept responsibility for compromises. GDPR isn’t just a recommendation in Europe, it is law. It defines penalties for entities that allow compromises. Facebook could be on the hook for a $1.6B fine from the latest hack.

In the late 90s, startups were the way to make huge amounts of money. It was relatively easy to define a business plan and recruit investors. The trick was to cash out before anyone realized that the startup didn’t have any longevity. Companies have come and gone. What happens to any data that was archived at companies that have failed? Many times the company computers are sold as scrap. Did you know that there is a market for hard drives that contain data?

We need to seriously consider what we divulge. The military has an excellent concept. You are only told what you need to know. There average solder doesn’t need to know why he or she is ordered to perform a task.

When a retailer insists on recording information about you, are you obligated to provide correct personal information? Requesting a loan is one thing but having information about you to determine your purchasing habits is not their right. Create a doppelganger identity for your casual nonbusiness, nongovernment purposes.  Stay under the radar!



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