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On the technical side 07-27-2018

What computer suits you?

What are your choices? A computer used to be a desktop appliance. There were portable devices that offered some computing on the go but their functionality was limited. As the computer matured, portable devices went from heavy suitcases to computers that fit on your lap. You don’t need to be an Olympic weightlifter to tote a laptop. Today, the laptop is as powerful as the desktop unit. The biggest limitation is screen size. A big screen requires a big laptop.

A laptop or other portable device usually requires a wireless network capability. Most homes and offices offer a local wireless network for untethered network operations. Cell networks provide a wide area of coverage when local wifi isn’t available. You need a cell phone, hotspot, or cell provider card to utilize your provider’s network on the road.

You do need to be selective about what network you use to connect to your portable device. There are plenty of “honey pot” or fake wifi sites that will allow you to connect but will “listen” to your traffic. These sites attempt to mine any data possible to allow hackers access to your accounts and personal information.

What are your choices for a computing device? A desktop computer is for you if you only use your computer at your desk. A laptop can satisfy your need for portable use. Do you like to compute at the desk or coach? Tablets and cell phones can satisfy most people’s requirements for portable operations. 

Cell phones offer a very portable device with easy network access but their screens are small. The keyboards aren’t the easiest to use but it is amazing how well a small glass surface can provide an almost workable keyboard. Some cell phones are big enough that you could call it a phablet. Is it a phone or a tablet?

How do you use your computer? Do you save a lot of information such as pictures or documents? Is your computer for email only? One email user might save every email they have ever sent or received. Another user might just read and discard old mail. Will your device store as much as needed. There is always the cloud if you need a lot of data on the go.

Screen size is another major consideration for your portable device. Older users may want a larger screen but how big of a cell phone can you comfortably handle in your hands. A larger screen is easy on the eyes but requires skilled hands to operate. Are your pockets big enough for your portable device? Do you plan to carry a purse or backpack?

You have plenty of choices when you purchase a computer. Consider what works for you.



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