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On the technical side 07-12-2018

Should I allow Windows to update my computer?

Usually, your computer will update without any problems but occasionally updates will cause your computer grief. Before you panic when updates cause your computer to fail, evaluate the situation. Don’t jump to any drastic conclusions or attempt any repairs without careful consideration.

Windows 10 updates might happen while you are using the computer without any warning. A common symptom could be that you are connected to the Internet when suddenly; you don’t have any network connection to the Internet. You might discover that rebooting your computer will repair the issue.

Windows 10 is somewhat forceful with updates. Sometimes you aren’t allowed to opt out of an update. It just happens. Think of it this way, Windows is not perfect. If you want to use Windows, you accept it with its flaws.

Most of the time, the average computer user won’t have any problem with updates but what is an average computer user? Are you average? Does everyone use the same applications? Microsoft does test updates before releasing them but it is pretty difficult to test every possible configuration. Let’s hope that you don’t get caught with an update problem.

What do you do when your computer doesn’t boot properly? Many times an update was happening when you powered down. When your computer displays a warning not to power it off, heed it. It usually isn’t a catastrophic event if you ignore the warning. The computer will usually repair itself if you don’t “help” it.

In the initial computer days, if you pulled the power, the computer hard drive was usually damaged. The operating system was usually corrupted. You had to reinstall all the software to restore your computer. Ask anyone who used computers in the 1980s what happened when the power was lost. Most modern computers don’t have that problem. The system has checks and balances to prevent the hard drive from getting wiped.

If your computer takes its time booting, make sure that you give it enough time to start. You don’t want to interrupt it if it is in the middle of a repair. A couple of hours is usually a sign that something is amiss but an extra 10 or 15 minutes aren’t anything to cause panic. It could be long enough for the computer to repair itself. You don’t want to unnecessarily disrupt its attempt to repair itself.

If your computer stopped working, do you have all of your important files backed up? If you took the time to save a file on your computer, shouldn’t you take the time to back it up? Believe it or not, with all the problems computer users face today, they are much easier than problems faced by computer pioneers.



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