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On the technical side

Don’t be afraid to turn on your computer. If you are afraid of the Internet, it is relatively easy to insure that the Internet isn’t connected. Your computer or phone uses a wired or wireless connection to the Internet. If you disconnect the wired connection, you can’t be connected. Wireless connections require a bit more effort to disconnect but if you set your device to airplane mode, you are disconnected.

Why is it a good idea to disconnect? Have you ever noticed a piece of tape over the camera on a laptop? It was placed by a computer user who has been made aware of spyware programs that are able to turn on your camera without your knowledge. Do you pull your curtains to prevent the neighbors from seeing the inner actions of your household? Imagine an uninvited person sitting at your computer, watching your every move. If you are worried about the camera being enabled by a spyware program, did you consider the microphone on your computer?

It might be a bit of overkill to cover the camera. If you don’t have a high confidence level in your computer knowledge, it’s better than nothing. Making sure that your computer is spyware free might be another option. Television and movies sometimes present impossible technology and can make even the best tech knowledge individual nervous. Don’t feel overwhelmed by what could happen but be aware of the possibilities.

If you aren’t using the computer, turn it off. Why waste electrical power? Even if you are waiting for an important email, it won’t come any faster if your computer is on. Email won’t get lost if your computer isn’t ready to receive it. The email server will hold it until your computer is ready to receive it.

Have you noticed that we are a “TOO connected” society? Do you get connection anxiety when you don’t have your cell phone? Have ever been chastised for not answering your cell phone? “Where were you?” Are you able to tolerate places with no cell phone service? Believe it or not, there are camps and vacations designed to free you from your cell phone. Do you need time away from your computer and cell phone?

Computers and cell phones have only been with us for a generation. There hasn’t been enough time to study any possible problems from high-tech. Are you aware of a possible sleep problem from cell phone or computer screens? It seems that the devices transmit too much blue light that will make it harder to sleep. What about bluetooth emissions effect on your body? Have you considered all the psychological effects of new technology? Are you scared of what new technology brings?




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