On the technical side 04-01-2018
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On the technical side 04-01-2018

Is information about you safe?

Organizations that keep data about us should be governed by law to protect information about John Q. Public. The government has all kinds of information about us. We are consumers of the government since the government provides infrastructure to allow us to function. If you drive on the roads, you are using a government service. The large credit reporting agencies may have no relationship with the average person but the credit card agencies maintain all kinds of sensitive information about us and that information is used to generate revenue for them. Does information about us belong to the credit card companies?

If a credit card agency is compromised and personal information is harvested by hackers, the effects can be devastating. Hackers would be able to steal identities and make our lives miserable. Doesn’t it seem fitting if those organizations were held accountable for problems that were caused by their carelessness with our information?

Are you aware of the latest big data scandal? It seems Facebook dropped the ball protecting client privacy. It shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone. Facebook might not make money directly by selling information about you but they are able to direct advertising to good leads.

Facebook may have been conceived to allow communications between family and friends but that simple goal was taken and changed by big business. Advertisers can use Facebook to focus on perspective clients, ones that will likely result in a sale.

Do you really believe that Facebook users are the real beneficiaries of Facebook? Facebook founders have made a lot of money but what have the people that use Facebook get out of the deal? Sometimes it seems that us lowly little guys are at the mercy of big business. Facebook is doing us a big favor and owes its users no right to privacy.

At this moment in time it seems that Europe is much more aware of the rights of the consumer information. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are the regulations that will be enforced in Europe in May of 2018. These regulations define the requirements of any organization that maintains information of any European Union (EU) citizens. There are also fines for any company that doesn’t conform to the standards.

It isn’t enough to claim, “We are victims” if a company suffers a data breach. If a company chooses to maintain personal information, the company is responsible for any data compromises. Doesn’t that seem fair? If a company uses personal information, shouldn’t that company be responsible for data being stolen by hackers? Data breaches cost the average citizen plenty of problems. Isn’t it time to force these companies to pay for their negligence?



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