On the technical side 01-28-2018
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On the technical side 01-28-2018

Do you ever get the feeling that you are obsolete?


AI, Artificial Intelligence is big news. There are applications for AI that most of us couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams. In the 1980s, “The Terminator” was Arnold Schwartzenegger’s big break. It was the start of a franchise that earned the movie industry a lot of money. It was also one of movies that presented the idea that mankind would be considered a pest to future computers. Some other sci fi classics may have presented the idea but “The Terminator” hunted human kind for elimination.

The military has created weapons such as guided missiles and smart bombs that can track a target and destroy it. Is it really that much different than a terminator? It is just a machine that will follow and destroy a target? What if there are people in the object that is targeted? Does this machine have a conscience? Is the person who fires the weapon responsible or is the weapon responsible for the harm caused by the weapon being released?

It is a sobering thought to consider that there are enough weapons to destroy the world multiple times if all the nuclear, conventional, and biologic weapons were unleashed. Another movie from the 1970s, “Collosus, The Forbin Project” suggested that a perfect computer weapon system was created to stop war. The computer took over all the weapons in the world and started a human extermination. It must have reasoned that if there were no people, there would be no wars.

Are human beings going to become pests to the machines that human beings created? Will computers ever determine that mankind needs to be eliminated?

If you were around in the 1980s, you witnessed the birth of the personal computer. Who could have known the future of that device? Computers seemed like complicated devices that required a college degree to operate. Windows was introduced and users didn’t need to know computer language to do work. Just point the mouse and click. Your computer was easily controlled.

You can’t rest for a moment. Computers are in a constant state of change. There are new ways constantly introduced to do tasks. Windows started the break from the keyboard. It is pretty easy to control your computer with just your voice but don’t depend on voice control in phone answering systems. Does the voice control work with your voice?

You won’t become obsolete if you use your basic skills to keep aware of changes in the computer. It is comforting to know that basic skills will allow you to determine a path to success in computers. If your computer ever seems to be getting the best of you, you can always pull the plug.




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