On the technical side 12-12-2017
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On the technical side 12-12-2017

How do I save pictures from my cell phone?

This has been a question that has been asked many times at my office. You might have purchased a cell phone with a lot of storage but eventually, you will run out of storage. It also isn’t a good idea to keep all of your valuable pictures in one place. Something happens to the phone and everything is gone! You can’t place a dollar value on pictures of family and friends.

If you have a Windows 10 PC, it is very simple. Did you receive an interface cable when you purchased the cell phone? The cable is also used to recharge the cell phone. Turn on your PC. Insert the cable in the cell phone receptacle. Insert the other end of the cable into the PC Usb port. You may have to remove the wall charger from the Usb cable before you are able to insert it into the PC. When you hear  “ding dong” on the PC, it means that something has been plugged into the computer. You should see a small pop up on the lower right screen that indicates the device is ready. A previous version of windows usually requires more work but it can be managed.

Open the windows file explorer, the folder icon on the task manager, look for my computer. You should see a heading that indicates your cell phone. It doesn’t matter if you have an android or an iPhone, the process is the same. When you see the icon for your cell phone click on it and walk down the tree. You will find your pictures after a few clicks down the file tree.

You can cut or copy and paste to move your pictures to the PC. Your phone probably has a lot of storage space. Don’t worry about cleaning everything off the phone. There should be enough room to keep a lot of pictures on the phone to share with friends and family. Don’t forget to back up your pictures on the computer.


Are you in the market for a computer?

The holiday season is a good time to upgrade your computer or purchase a computer as a gift. There are a lot of good deals at the big box stores but watch out for the bad deals. “You get what you pay for…” Don’t purchase the cheapest computer that you can find. You can find low cost computers that will give you reliable service. You might find older models at discounted prices. Manufacturers and retailers want to move product. Use caution when considering refurbs or open boxes. That discounted unit might be a good deal or it could be a problem that you don’t want.




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