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On the technical side 10-17-2017

Do you receive a lot of free offer email?

Spam is a real problem on the Internet. The majority of those “FREE” offers are phishing attempts to get you to login into a site that will only harvest your information. You will discover that the FREE offer will never arrive as promised. There is no benefit to you other than your name getting on a list to receive more spam.

It you receive an offer that you are tempted to check out, before you do anything, hover over the email address of the sender. Hovering over the address will display the sender’s real email address. Don’t be surprised if the address is some odd ball foreign location. Remember the old saying, “if it too good to be true…”.

You don’t want to be involved in any phishing attempt. You don’t know what the objective is for the scammer. It might be relatively benign and only want to add your email to a mailing list or it could be even more devious. It could be the initial attempt to steal your identity.

If you ever spent time in the military, you know that even information that may not be deemed secret, can be used to determine information about a secret operation. Pieces of information can be used to get the big picture. “I don’t have anything to hide…” is usually the response to warnings about divulging personal information. Everyone should protect their personal information. Why make it easy for hackers to steal your identity?

It is too bad, email used to be a nice medium used for interbusiness communications but these days it is a major time sink to check email.  How much spam do you delete each day? It is difficult to pick out valid email from all the spam that fills the inbox. Have you ever missed an email because there was too much junk mail in the inbox?

At least spam email isn’t a telephone call during dinner time. Caller-ID helps eliminate salespeople but it has been hacked. The ID may be spoofed. Don’t rely on the caller-ID. I have even received phone calls from myself. I know that I’m not calling myself. It might be a salesperson. If you have a hard time saying “no”, try this, “Can I put you on hold?”. Put the phone down and walk away.

Don’t get excited about any email offering. You are most likely wasting your time with any “great” email offerings. Don’t you have better things to do? Don’t help a spammer by supplying information about yourself. Always consider, “Does the person asking have a need to know”, before you provide any information about yourself in an email or phone call.



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