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On the technical side 09-26-2017

“… my  PERSONAL invitation…”

Are you tired of marketing nonsense that includes “personal” invitations?  My email box is full of invitations to listen to multiple web presentations. I don’t know these characters. How can they give me a personal invitation? A personal invitation is something unique and shouldn’t be used in mass mailings. It seems that there is no etiquette on the Internet. People just make new rules as they go.

Have you ever noticed how long it takes to open certain webpages? Webpages usually include advertisements. Believe it or not, the Internet allows advertising a huge block of advertising much worse than broadcast television. It used to be that one minute commercials were the norm. Now commercials are only limited by the time that an advertiser is willing to pay.

If we all banded together, we could force advertisers to change their policies. I do not appreciate watching commercials for products that I will never need. I’m tired of learning about women’s personal products. Advertisers pay huge amounts of money for the privilege of broadcasting their wares on television. Networks and media companies make an obscene amount of money selling time on their networks. What if the consumer decided to boycott advertised products? That would definitely force broadcasters to rethink their advertising budget. If we stopped watching heavily advertised channels, broadcasters would be forced to decrease prices if advertisers realized a reduction in audience size.

If you are able to monitor your network bandwidth, the amount of data that your computer downloads, you would probably think about considering an alternate way of connecting to the Internet. In the initial days of the Internet, bulletin boards were the standard. The only information received by your computer were the words that printed across the screen. It was a lot like texting but there were no ways to hide information in downloads. You knew exactly what you were receiving.

The current generation knows how to text but there are mechanisms to hide downloads and information received. One has to wonder, is the new technology making life better for the average consumer? All the “improvements” to the Internet makes it much easier to infect a victim’s computer with malware. Why should an outside source be allowed access to your computer? Do you want an unknown character to have the ability to access information on your computer?

Cell phones share much of the functionality with computers but they are even more tied into the Internet. Do you know that your whereabouts can be traced by your cell phone? In an emergency, it can be a good thing but this information can also be misused? Don’t keep your head in the sand, inquire about new technology and protect your privacy!



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