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On the technical side 09-05-2017

Do you need to upgrade your computer? “No, my computer works fine…”

If you have an old Windows XP or Vista computer, you should be already thinking about upgrading it. It might be working fine but it will not support the latest web browsing features. One of the most important things that it won’t support is the latest security features. If you do online banking, YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE!

If you don’t use the Internet, you might not have any problems. Playing non-Internet games like solitaire shouldn’t get you into trouble. Connect the computer to the Internet and surfing the Internet is asking for trouble.

You probably want to know how your computer that is currently working fine could have any issues. A computer is a device that changes over time. It isn’t like an old television that you plug in to watch broadcast programming. It was like an old toaster, you turn it on to toast bread. You don’t add features over time. Your computer isn’t only hardware, it is also consists of programs that change over time. Updates are constantly being made to those programs. Many of the updates close security holes. Hackers expect that everyone isn’t allowing the updates and will use the information about security holes to exploit non-updated systems. Internet browsing and email offer a mechanism for hackers to deliver malware.

You might think that updating a computer is “keeping up with the Jones”. It is important to download and install all the recommended security updates from Microsoft but some recommended updates in the past have caused horrible problems. The job of verifying every update is not an easy task but Microsoft does make an effort to do the job correctly. It is very difficult to test every program combination possible.

Eventually, older hardware platforms will not support the latest releases of Windows. You must update the hardware and buy a new computer in order to run the latest release of Windows.  This isn’t just a Windows phenomenon. Macs suffer the same problem. Macs will only run the latest releases for about 6 years. If you want the latest version of Mac OS, you will need a new computer. It isn’t a planned obsolescence but you can be sure that the latest and greatest software will need somewhat current hardware.

Cell phones also require frequent updates. Plan on a few years for the life of your cell phone. Cell providers are constantly adding new frequency bands to increase service quality. An older cell phone won’t use latest frequencies. Newer cell phones will offer better quality service.

Even if your digital device “works”, it may be outdated. You may be forced into buying a new device to support the latest software release. Consider all the implications before you keep your digital dinosaur.



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