On the technical side 08-22-2017
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On the technical side 08-22-2017

Change in culture due to computers

Do you binge watch? The new streaming services on the Internet allow movie buffs and series fans to binge watch. Binge watching is easy with streaming services. You can watch an entire tv series in a few hours. It is like watching a very LONG movie.  You could consider watching a number of movies at one sitting, binge watching too.

The Internet streaming services have changed our entertainment habits. Years ago, television was much different. People would have their viewing time planned for favorite shows. There used to be “Prime Time” in the early evening. The majority of viewing time used to be after supper until bedtime. Advertisers would pay top dollar for prime time slots. Today there is no prime time. You can stream almost any content at any time of the day.

Cell phones and texting have made driving much more hazardous. Try a little experiment. Check where the eyes of other drivers are focused but don’t spend too much time checking for other driver’s attention. You might become a distracted driver too. If their eyes are looking down at something, I’ll bet that they are looking at their cell phone.

This could be a justification for autopilots in cars. Computers would perform the task without distraction. If the computers are programmed properly, accidents should be a thing of the past but what if the programmer was distracted during the autopilot development? There are plenty of examples where a critical computer failure was caused by human error. The system and associated hardware was in perfect working order but the programming was flawed.

Some computer systems such as medical life support and aircraft systems are considered “critical systems”. These systems have been exhaustively tested during their development. The results of a mistake can be life threatening. There is no room for assumptions. EVERYTHING MUST BE TESTED. All it takes is one oversight to cause a serious life or death situation.

Drones are affecting warfare. Does a person pull the trigger on a target or is a machine going to determine the fate of a target? Warfare in earlier times was much more personal. The attacker touched the victim. All the senses were being used during the act of war.  The attacker was engaged in the act, it wasn’t a video game. All the horror of the act was experienced by the attacker.

Are computers making us better? Some science fiction suggests that human beings stay at home. A robot copy of ourselves goes out into the world and experiences any dangers. Can you imagine sending out an avatar to experience life for you? Let’s hope that day never comes.



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