On the technical side 08-15-2017
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On the technical side 08-15-2017

Beware of scammers! It never fails, any event will always be an opportunity to make some money. The problem is that some people have no problem making money even if they hurt people. The latest big event is the solar eclipse on August 21. Check out the Internet, you will find a lot of places to buy dark glasses to allow safe viewing of the eclipse. The problem is that many of the glasses available on the Internet are NOT SAFE!

Have you ever wondered how a person can sell a product when it may hurt the buyer? Perhaps it has something to do with no personal contact with the victim. Is it easier to hurt someone who you will never meet? Would you be satisfied if you made a lot of money at the cost of a lot of innocent people’s vision?

If you did purchase glasses to safely view the eclipse, make sure that the glasses are safe before you trust your vision to an unknown! The news is full of stories of greedy people selling products that not only fail to perform but cause innocent people injuries.


Are you a software genius? Want to test yourself? There are opportunities available to make serious cash finding problems in programs. Not every software manufacturer offers bounties for problems discovered but there are some significant rewards being offered to find bugs. One company offered $250,000 as a bounty. There are some rules that must be followed. You may have to be chosen to find problems before you can collect the bounty. Check with the manufacturer before you commit time and resources to find the million dollar bug. Does finding bugs for cash seem exciting?


HBO was recently hacked. Hackers stole unreleased “Game of Thrones”, emails from the CEO, and other data that could be embarrassing and cause HBO damage. Hackers are demanding $6M to return the stolen info. HBO decided to be just as dirty as the hackers. They offered $250,000 in an attempt to stall for time. The hackers didn’t take the bait and it was reported that HBO had no intention of paying anything. It’s a shame that HBO has to stoop to the same ethics as the data thieves. It doesn’t matter how you play as long as you win!

It’s too bad that someone was asleep at the wheel at HBO. When are people going to get serious about computer security? The threat is real. Hackers are continuously probing and scanning the Internet for victims. Do you want to become another name on the list of victims? Hold your cards close to the vest. Make it difficult for hackers to gain access to your privileged information.



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