On the technical side 08-01-2017
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On the technical side 08-01-2017

Is my computer infected or possessed?

Recently many Windows 10 computer owners have asked if their computers have a virus. “My computer has a mind of its own….” “It started going crazy…” Your system might not be infected. It may be just an update being processed.

Earlier versions of Windows have all updated on their own over the last few years but users were notified more openly. Windows 10 systems seem to update at strange times. You may notice that your computer will not maintain a reliable network connection. A reboot might resolve the issue. Before you panic, consider a reboot. Doesn’t that sound like an old Windows Vista computer? “Reboot and call me in the morning…”

Updates on older Windows systems are taking much longer to complete. If you tried to reinstall Windows Vista, you might have to wait days for all the updates to complete. Windows 10 systems seem to update promptly. Microsoft may be helping to retire systems quickly. If updates aren’t available, users might be apt to retire an older system instead of resolving an operating issue.

Many people do make the comment that they only paid $300 for their computer. Why should they pay over $100 for computer maintenance? Computers are cheap but the value of any computer is usually what is stored on the computer. Many people treat their computer like an old junk box car. They see no value in oil changes until their engine seizes up on a rainy night. It’s no fun walking home in the rain.

Why did I lose all of my pictures? If you don’t have another copy or backup, you will lose your pictures if the hard drive fails. Get an external drive and keep a copy of any valuable documents or pictures. Keep all of the installation disks for your computer in a safe place in the event that you have to rebuild your computing environment.

Do you have any special programs installed on your computer? Did you purchase the computer with all the programs already installed? If your computer failed tomorrow, what would you do to get it up and running again? Could you get it running again?

Life is full of bumps in the road. Computers will ALWAYS fail at the moment when you can least afford an interruption. If you do the “What ifs” for different situations, you will be ahead of the problem. You can’t do much when your computer fails and all of your information is not available. A backup can make any failure less catastrophic. You should be able to move over to another computer and continue any project with minimal delay. The computer ate my homework is not an acceptable excuse for missing your deadline.





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