On the technical side 01-24-2017
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On the technical side 01-24-2017

What is the big deal about updates?

It doesn’t matter what computer or operating system you use, you will have to decide if your computer should get updates. Both Windows and macOS computers allow you the option to install or ignore updates that Microsoft or Apple deem necessary to your computer’s well being.

In the past, automatic updates have caused grief to both Windows and Apple computers. Unless there is an EXTREMELY critical flaw resolved by an update, it might make sense to wait a week or two for any flaw in an update to reveal itself. It is no simple task to quality check updates to operating systems. Developers are under pressure to release fixes to bugs. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to test every situation before a program release.

“I keep getting notices to update my computer. Should I ignore updates?” There is no hard rule. Every update or notice on your computer requires some thought. Are you sure that the update notice is from Microsoft on your Windows computer? Most of the time legitimate updates from Microsoft or Apple address a flaw in the operating system. The update may address a security issue or “bug” and all is well but there have been situations where the update caused even more problems.

Computers are not like an old television from the 1960s. A television used to be like a toaster. There were no software updates. The average television had a 10 to 20 year lifetime. The technology to transmit and receive television was unchanged for many years. All you had to do was adjust the volume, change the channel, and possibly fine tune a weak station.  Cable television made antenna manipulations a thing of the past. Today, computers are embedded in televisions and entertainment technology is constantly changing.

A computer should give you three to five years unless you have to have the latest features. Newer operating systems require recent hardware. Would you expect an old Windows XP system to execute Windows 10 efficiently? You might find “works” is defined differently by each person. If the computer crashes or locks up after a few minutes of operation, is it “working” by your definition?

“My computer was working just a minute ago…” It seems like “something” is always happening to the computer. Is there a virus on the computer? Did an update cause the computer to crash? Was something downloaded without your knowledge?

Windows and macOS are in a constant state of change. Consider controlling your updates to your computer. Waiting on updates for the “all clear” is a good idea. Delaying an update could save you the frustration of a broken device but ignoring updates can have disastrous results too.



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