On the technical side 01-03-2017
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On the technical side 01-03-2017

Donald Trump’s computer wisdom

It is always interesting to hear non-computer types explain computer technology. President-elect Trump always has some words of wisdom about every subject known to man. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that he has some interesting views on computer security. When asked about computer security, he suggests that you use a courier. Initially, it seems like a dumb idea but consider all of the data compromises that have occurred since information has been recorded. Does he have an idea worth exploring?

Your computer should be treated like a wallet. Do you need to show everything in your wallet to everyone? You expect privacy and probably take steps to keep your wallet from public scrutiny. Wouldn’t you keep private papers in a safe and secure place? Do you need immediate access to all your documents 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Does your computer always need to be connected to the Internet? The Internet gives us wonderful connectivity to data sources but the connection not only provides a path to the Internet for you but it also allows INCOMING connections. Are you sure that everyone should be allowed access to your computer? There are programs that “sniff” out computers open to visitors on the Internet.

Do you think it necessary to maintain privacy? “I don’t have anything to hide…” You might be surprised what a hacker can get from your computer.  Your computer could be programmed to participate in attacks on businesses and government. Would you like to be blamed for causing a problem on a government computer?

Doesn’t a bank teller ask for your ID if they don’t know you? Are you offended by a request for an ID? It is a good policy to request an ID when the service provider doesn’t know you. Why are people offended when asked for an ID? It really is for your protection. Notary Publics take their jobs seriously and request an ID during any document signing.

All the convenience that computers and the Internet provide are a double edged sword. They make it easy for people to check their bank accounts but hackers are also able to intrude in people’s privacy. If your bank account has ever been hacked, you probably didn’t provide your login information. Banks have been hacked. Don’t be insulted or inconvenienced by a request from your bank for security. If it is difficult for you to gain access, hopefully; it will slow down any unauthorized access.

Don’t make access to your computer an easy process. If it is easy for you, it will be easy for a hacker. Make your passwords hard to guess. Simple passwords are out. Mix in numbers or special characters. Complex passwords aren’t convenient but they make it more difficult for hackers to get into your accounts.



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