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On the technical side 10-17-2017

Do you receive a lot of free offer email?

Spam is a real problem on the Internet. The majority of those “FREE” offers are phishing attempts to get you to login into a site that will only harvest your information. You will discover that the FREE offer will never arrive as promised. There is no benefit to you other than your name getting on a list to receive more spam.

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On the technical side 10-10-201

Have you ever wondered about autonomous cars? Who is responsible if the self-driving car causes an accident? Are passengers liable? Is the manufacturer liable?

Are you willing to trust a computer to drive you around? Would you be able to sleep in a self -driven car while it is in motion? Is the person in the car, the driver? Autopilot in an aircraft is able to respond much quicker than a human but an aircraft isn’t subject to crosswalks or intersections.

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On the technical side 10-03-2017

How do you troubleshoot email problems?

Have you ever had email problems? What is your approach to resolve email problems? If you expect to be able to resolve an email problem, you have to understand how mail works. The first thing that most people do to troubleshoot any computer problem is to reboot the computer. That isn’t really the best approach. You need to isolate the problem. “It doesn’t work…” isn’t enough.

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On the technical side 09-26-2017

“… my  PERSONAL invitation…”

Are you tired of marketing nonsense that includes “personal” invitations?  My email box is full of invitations to listen to multiple web presentations. I don’t know these characters. How can they give me a personal invitation? A personal invitation is something unique and shouldn’t be used in mass mailings. It seems that there is no etiquette on the Internet. People just make new rules as they go.

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On the technical side 09-19-2017

Do you download programs for your cell phone or computer? I am guilty of not doing due diligence on everything that I install on my computer devices, cell phones included. Recently, I discovered that I needed to be less trusting and more careful about my choice of programs.

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On the technical side 09-12-2017

Equifax, the major credit reporting agency, has been hacked. It is estimated that 143 Million of consumer records have been compromised by the event. Even if you have never heard of Equifax, you could be affected.

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On the technical side 09-05-2017

Do you need to upgrade your computer? “No, my computer works fine…”

If you have an old Windows XP or Vista computer, you should be already thinking about upgrading it. It might be working fine but it will not support the latest web browsing features. One of the most important things that it won’t support is the latest security features. If you do online banking, YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE!

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On the technical side 08-29-2017

Are you using Windows 10? Has your Windows 10 computer refused to start after an update? This is a common occurrence for Windows 10 computers. Windows 10 will usually force you to do updates when are least able to spend time troubleshooting a computer problem. If you are prepared, this won’t be a show stopper for you.

If your computer fails to start, you won’t be able to gain access to your documents and files that are stored on your computer. If you have backup up your files, you should be able to access your files to continue business with minimal interruption.

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On the technical side 08-22-2017

Change in culture due to computers

Do you binge watch? The new streaming services on the Internet allow movie buffs and series fans to binge watch. Binge watching is easy with streaming services. You can watch an entire tv series in a few hours. It is like watching a very LONG movie.  You could consider watching a number of movies at one sitting, binge watching too.

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On the technical side 08-15-2017

Beware of scammers! It never fails, any event will always be an opportunity to make some money. The problem is that some people have no problem making money even if they hurt people. The latest big event is the solar eclipse on August 21. Check out the Internet, you will find a lot of places to buy dark glasses to allow safe viewing of the eclipse. The problem is that many of the glasses available on the Internet are NOT SAFE!

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