On the technical side 12-27-2016
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On the technical side 12-27-2016

Did you receive any high tech holiday gifts? Did you have to study the manual before you could use it?

Years ago, parents would spend late hours assembling toys from Santa but today computers and cell phones require the most effort from gift givers. Did you purchase the correct phone? There are a lot of choices but the biggest phones in demand are the iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. Did you get the correct iPhone? Did you want an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, or 6 Plus? Did you research the differences between the iPhones?

It’s no big news that computers and cell phones no longer have operator manuals. If you have any questions about a device, you should be able to find the operator manual online. You can find a manual for almost anything on the Internet. There really isn’t any need for printing operator manuals. Manuals in electronic format don’t take any space on book shelves but can be easily accessed on a computer.

Were you able to move information from your old cell phone or computer to the new device? Moving information from one computer to another is pretty easy. If you don’t have too many files, you can always mail them yourself. Big data jobs cam be transferred with an external hard drive or USB memory stick.

Pictures are pretty easy to move but what about other types of files? The iPhone architecture makes it difficult to move anything other than a picture. The Android cell phones allow you to easily peruse the file system but iPhone files are much more difficult to check out.

It is difficult enough to move information from an old iPhone to a new iPhone. You are in for a treat if you attempt to move information between an iPhone and an Android phone. Android phones are much more open than iPhones. You can root almost any cell phone to give yourself more control over the phone but you have to ask if it is worth it. Do you trust that “special” upgrade? Did the developers know that they were doing? Did that special program carry any unwanted properties?

Exercise caution when downloading any programs to modify your cell phone. Developing programs is a science. Anyone can write a program but a good software engineer knows that one program can affect the behavior of other programs. Do your homework. Make sure that you have verified that any programs you download will work correctly before you install them on your cell phone or computer.

Enjoy the new technology gift but read the manual before trying anything new. Don’t forget to backup any important files before you do any risky operations.



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