On the technical side 12-20-2016
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On the technical side 12-20-2016

Have you ever sent had an email but it never reached its destination? Have you ever had a friend call you to ask, “Did you get my email?”. If you did receive it, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a lie since email has become less reliable due to the amount of spam on the Internet.

Email is an easy way to communicate but spammers have made checking email an unpleasant task. Mail and email are similar. Most of the mail in my house gets dumped immediately into the shredder. Email isn’t much different but there is a lot more of junk email than email worth reading.

Spam for dating sites would like you to think that there is dating for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you want for a significant other, you have most likely received a spam email for that “special someone”. The problem is that many of the “legitimate dating services” are scams. If you investigate reviews of dating sites, you will find that many dating services are full of false promises. Does it make sense to believe spam email? Why would someone believe an email from Africa that claims a relative died and left a large sum of money?

All this nonsense email has generated a demand for programs that discard spam. One technique is the use of blacklists. Blacklists contain the addresses of servers that have generated spam in the past. If someone sends email from a server that is blacklisted, the email is discarded. This seems like a good idea but you could be using a server that is blacklisted, even though you never sent any spam.

If you have email at one of the big network providers and another subscriber sends spam, your email will be blocked just like any spammer. It might seem unfair but it is somewhat effective. Spam could be generated by viruses. The sender might not even know that they are sending spam but their virus could be causing problems for other people on their network.

What can you do to make sure that your email gets where is should? Make sure that you are using the correct email address. Try sending a small test email. If you send email with attachments, are you sure that your attachments aren’t too large? Have your friend send you an email. Reply to the email.  This will eliminate any question about the wrong email address being used.

You may want to reach out to your email provider. They may be able to provide some direction regarding the status of your email. If you have a free email account, GOOD LUCK! A free account may not give you service required to address an email delivery problem.



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