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On the technical side 11-01-2016


Do you use google to help you find things? Are you aware that google places the order of things that you search in a specific order? Google doesn’t check the reputation of businesses that it lists.

I had been contemplating how to retire my trusty, old friend, a 2004 Subaru Forester with 222,000 miles. A check engine light that indicated a catalytic converter problem would make selling it a bit difficult. Did it make sense to spend more than the car was worth to fix it? Why not donate it? I would get a deduction on my taxes and a charity would get a donation.

Googling “donate car ma”, generated a lot of hits. What charity would be the best for a donation? I had hoped that it would be a done deal. Would google QUICKLY give me the name of a charity? I was unpleasantly surprised that I had to do some work.

There were many charities that were listed but I had to determine which one. You should be aware that google takes money from anyone. If they pay for the top listing, they will get the first listing. Organizations that had nothing to do with charities were listed up at the top of the page.

Some of the charities that were listed had some issues to consider. You can find all kinds of things on the Internet. Some of the charities weren’t very transparent, while others had given loans to principals in the charitable organization. It was amazing to find charities that had given loans to relatives of the charity management. Does conflict of interest mean anything?

Make sure to do the work to verify that the charity will give the assistance to the group that they are chartered to serve. Don’t be fooled by a nice looking website. Make use of the organizations that rate charities. It was very disappointing to find charities that were shams.

Do you want to give to a charity that spends most of its donations on marketing? Is it really a charity if a major percentage is used to pay fund raisers? Googling charities and agencies that rate charities should give you the information that you need to determine if a charity deserves your donation.



Don’t be in a hurry to install Windows 10 on an older computer. Many older computers are not capable of efficiently executing Windows 10. Before you mess up a working Windows 7 computer, check if the manufacturer states that you particular computer model is Windows 10 compatible.

You can take a chance and install Windows 10 but it is not advisable to install something that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend even if Microsoft is over eager to do the update to Windows 10.



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