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On the technical side 12-29-2015

Counterfeit is a serious problem. You can be sure that any successful product has been replicated by unscrupulous characters. Doesn’t the innovator of a product deserve the profit from their work?

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On the technical side 12-22-2015

Hackers and data breaches

Hackers and data breaches are old news but last week there was a new twist on this old story. It seems that one of the presidential candidate’s staff members got a bit carried away and peeked into another candidate’s data. It is wrong to snoop, even though everyone does it. You might also wonder, is your name included in that data breach? What information would a political campaign have about you?

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On the technical side 12-15-2015


FUD or Fear Uncertainty and Doubt accurately describe most people’s experience with computers. Hackers and scammers play upon the fears that any normal person has regarding their computer.

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On the technical side 12-01-2015

Did you take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals? The cyber shopping experts indicate that there really isn’t a Cyber deal day. Don’t feel that you are going to miss a “once in a lifetime” deal if you don’t make purchases on Cyber Monday. There is always another sale in the future.

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On the technical side 11-24-2015

Are you still happy with Windows 7 but you need a new computer? If you have checked the store shelves, you might find that Windows 10 is the operating system on new computers. Do you have to suffer with Windows 10? No, you have the option to downgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 7 but that option is only available with the “Pro” version with no additional purchase. You can also purchase another Windows license if you don’t have a downgrade option.

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On the technical side 11-17-2015

If you purchased a computer that originally ran Windows 7, you should be able to load Windows 10 but do you really want to take that step? Before you make such a major change, consider why you are considering loading a new operating system.

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On the technical side 11-10-2015

New variations of the encryption virus.

This is just what you wanted to know…. Computer scams are getting more complicated. If you have heard of the encryption virus, it is even worse now. The virus will totally mess up your computer. You don’t need this aggravation.

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On the technical side 11-03-2015

Phone scams

Phone and computer scams are always in season. If it is tax time, you can be sure that some scammer will be calling to notify you of a past tax bill. You just need to confirm your social security number or send in a small fee to process and resolve the issue. Scammers will always take advantage of any suffering in the world to solicit contributions to help the “needy”. Your good intentions will usually only help the scammers.

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On the technical side 10-27-2015

Are you a fantasy football fan? Have you been caught by the online gambling bug?

Have you seen the advertisements that imply big pay offs? A lot of money has been spent to promote the image that “everyone is a winner…”. The fact is that there are a lot of losers to support the business and a few winners. A $1M payoff would require a lot more than 1M people paying $1.

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