On the technical side 11-29-2011
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On the technical side 11-29-2011


The new Apple iPhone has a new software release that resolves short battery life problems. Even great companies like Apple occasionally release products that are not ready for prime time. Eventually design flaws are resolved. The burden is on you to stay informed.

It is not enough to purchase a product and expect it to be perfect.  You have to realize that there is a problem and know how to search for a fix.


Registering your new high tech product is the first step to staying in the loop. The company can’t tell you about a problem if they don’t know how to reach you. If you discover something that doesn’t work correctly, search the Internet for any news about the problem. The manufacturer may have a webpage that discusses problems and fixes. Sometimes, you might find a workaround for the problem. A workaround is not a fix but it might allow you to get past a problem.

Please use caution when following an anonymous genius’s solution. Verify any suggestions before you risk your new high tech device. The Internet is just like late night infomercials. There is more boloney than truth available. If you find a solution that sounds reasonable, find another web posting that confirms the original posting.

You should also use common sense before attempting to repair your high tech device. Do you have the skill set to make the repair? While most computer repairs will not put your life in jeopardy, you can hurt yourself if you are disaster prone.

Software configuration is a somewhat safe activity but you could “brick” your computer. Usually the worse result requires an operating system reinstallation. Cell phone users are especially vulnerable to this type of failure. They find a program or “improved” download that supposedly will make their cell phone do all kinds of fantastic things. After the program is installed on the cell phone, the cell phone refuses to turn on.

Don’t blindly follow any unconfirmed repair on your high tech device. Verify any repair process before you begin a repair. There are a lot of disassembled devices that are stuck in repair limbo because the owner didn’t have a particular tool to complete the repair. Easy repairs can become major problems without proper preparation.



Apple has discovered a problem with the first generation iPod nano sold between September 2005 and December 2006 and is offering a free exchange program. The batteries in units with certain serial numbers have been have been determined to overheat. It’s not too bad a program, considering the product is over 5 years old. Check out https://supportform.apple.com/201110/ to determine if your iPod nano is one of those affected.



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