On the technical side 10-18-2011
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On the technical side 10-18-2011

Blackberry in trouble?

If you are a Blackberry user, you probably noticed that you weren’t receiving emails last week. RIM, manufacturer and service provider of Blackberry, consider themselves to be reliable but past history indicates another view.

When you use a Blackberry, all data communications go through the RIM network. That is the problem. The Rim network is designed to provide secure communications but recently disruptions have been a yearly event. Any outage is one too many.


A Blackberry user relies on their cell phone provider and Rim network services. The cell provider provides the connection from your phone to the tower and passes your data communications to the RIM network. If your cell phone provider has a service outage, you won’t have any voice or data services. Your Blackberry is just a lump of plastic. When a Rim service outage occurs, your Blackberry will function as a cell phone with no data services.

One of the problems with a Rim service outage is not having any indication that it has occurred. The only indication is the absence of email. It is easy to check if you have cell service. Check the number of bars on your phone. There is no blackberry service on or off indicator to monitor.

While attempting to repair a misbehaving Blackberry, I discovered that RIM doesn’t offer any repair services. None of the cell phone providers offer repair services. Where is the green in cell phones? The only service provided is an exchange program.

The outage situation might be one more reason not to buy a Blackberry. Blackberries are well built but that doesn’t help if the network doesn’t function.

What are your options if you need a smart phone? Microsoft had a Windows phone effort but it seems to have lost steam. The current contenders are iPhones and Androids. When you chose a cell phone, you don’t only purchase a phone. The service provider should also be a major consideration.

If you are a smart phone user, don’t get overly ambitious when you download applications. Don’t download an application or game before you check out the developer. Apple has been criticized in the past that it was being overly protective when allowing applications into iTunes for download. Google’s marketplace was found to have had Android applications that included viruses. Wouldn’t you prefer to err on the side of caution?

Ask yourself these questions before you decide to buy a new cell phone. What is a perfect cell phone? It should be a phone but how many other features do you need? What is the perfect cell phone plan?

No cell phone is perfect for everyone. You need to be proactive in your decision to find the cell phone that best suits you.




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