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Norm's Articles

On the technical side 10-12-2010



Have you heard about the Stuxnet virus? It might be a good thing but the Iranians aren’t too happy with it. It seems that the virus is targeting the Iranian nuclear program. What a shame!

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On the technical side 10-05-2010

Q:”I can’t see the computer screen too well. The characters are too small. Is there anything that I can do to allow me to see the screen?” Anonymous

A: There are a few things that you can do to adjust a computer screen to suit your particular vision requirements.  The easiest adjustment is to change the computer screen resolution. It is pretty simple to do with a Windows computer.

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on the technical side 09-26-2010


“I can’t find my documents.” “Where did you save them?” “I saved them in Microsoft word.”

When you save a Microsoft word document, you save it in word format but the document isn’t saved in “word”. It is usually saved in your documents directory, ”My Documents”.  Microsoft has defined an environment that might not be perfect but it does allow for a standard environment that makes it easier to find things.

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On the technical side 09-21-2010


One of the never ending computer questions is, “A pop up appeared on my computer screen that notified me of an update. Should I accept the update?”. Like many things in life, there is no easy answer. There are rules but there are also exceptions to those rules. Whenever you are prompted to accept an update, ALWAYS question the source of the update. What is the update? Who is generating the update notice?

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On the technical side 09-14-2010




What does plumbing have to do with a computer?


Last weekend, water started dripping from one of the ceilings in my house.

When someone used the shower in the upstairs bath, the water works stated. A quick examination of the drain revealed that the drain had corroded and required replacement. What did I need to replace the drain?

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On the technical side 09-07-2010


Moving Internet Explorer favorites:

“Can you suggest a way to move my favorites list from one machine to another? It was suggested that I enable file sharing…  That seems a little beyond my skills “ email from Kim

There are a few ways to copy the favorites from one machine to another. The easiest way is to copy the favorites folder to a memory stick. Insert the memory stick in the old system.

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On the technical side 08-31-2010



Do you think that computer viruses are just an inconvenience? On August 20, 2008, a Spanish airliner crashed during takeoff in Madrid. There were 154 people killed in that crash. The investigation into the crash revealed that the pilots failed to set the flaps properly for takeoff and missed two opportunities to check for proper flap settings. There was also a computer system that was out of commission due to a computer virus that should have notified the pilots of the error.

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On the technical side 08-24-2010



Do you have a gmail account? It is a great way to have your email based on the Internet. If you move your residence, you aren't forced to change your email address.  Your email will always be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. While the company you use for Internet access may change, your email address will move with you.


It sounds like a nice idea but there are some hidden strings to gmail.

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On the technical side 08-17-2010



According to a recent study by Symantec, 92% of all email is SPAM. That is an increase over last year's statistics of 89%. Here's the good news, SPAM containing phishing attempts is down 5% from last year. I've received a lot more SPAM is the last few months.

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On the technical side 08-10-2010


Today, Microsoft will be releasing a “monster” update for its Windows operating system. Should you accept the updates? YES, but there is always the possibility that an update will break your computer.  If your computer refuses to run correctly or crash after the update, you can rollback the update.

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