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on the technical side 09-26-2010


“I can’t find my documents.” “Where did you save them?” “I saved them in Microsoft word.”

When you save a Microsoft word document, you save it in word format but the document isn’t saved in “word”. It is usually saved in your documents directory, ”My Documents”.  Microsoft has defined an environment that might not be perfect but it does allow for a standard environment that makes it easier to find things.


In the DOS, pre-Windows days, your storage was a free for all. As the windows matured, “My Documents” became the standard place to save documents and other things worth saving. You are still free to place anything anywhere on the hard drive but you would be wise to follow the standard of placing things in “My Documents”.

If everything of value that you created on the computer is saved in or under “My Documents”, you have a good starting point to find that missing document.

Saving everything of importance in “My Documents” also makes it easier to do a backup. If all of your important stuff is saved in “My Documents”, all you have to do is to save the entire “My Documents” folder and all of your priceless information will be safe.

You should also consider how you name your documents to make it easier to find documents. In the old DOS days, you only had 8 characters to name your files but today you have quite a few more characters available for naming files. Take advantage of using more characters to name your files something that properly labels what is in that file.

Your hard drive is like a tree. If you have ever seen a family tree, the earliest ancestors are the trunk of the tree and you eventually found yourself as a leaf on the tree. Consider making folders and subfolders to store your documents. One big folder that holds all of your files with no subfolders is not the most efficient use of your computer’s hard drive. Placing documents in subfolders makes it easier manage them.


London school caretaker, Edward Thompson was framed for child pornography by an assistant. The framed caretaker was subjected to ridicule and financial hardship by his “computer genius” assistant who planted child pornography on his boss’s computer. The assistant obtained his boss’s password while helping him with a computer problem.

The assistant cooked up the scheme in an effort to get his boss’s job. It’s a good thing that the “genius” couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He told people about his escapades and an innocent man was not jailed. The genius was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

This is an extreme example of why you need to keep your computer secure.


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