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On the technical side 12-28-2010



Did you receive a new computer for the holidays? Do you need to do anything to set it up properly?


Consider recording the Microsoft product key. The product key is a sticker usually located

on the bottom of your laptop or side of your desktop computer. It is used by Microsoft to

verify ownership. If you don't have a valid key, the product will not activate and you will have a limiedt time

that you be able to use the computer. When Microsoft originally released the

idea of using product key stickers, the stickers were pretty normal wear and tear proof

but the current product keys can be damaged easily. Think about how much abuse a paper sticker will

take on the bottom of a computer.

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On the technical side 12-20-201



Most of the malware infections are pretty standard but my staff and I really like the

brain teasers. Sometimes we need a few days to isolate and remove difficult problems.

It doesn't really make sense to name malware, one virus and its variations usually has many names

but the removal process is pretty standard.

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On the technical side 12-14-2010


Does your computer fail to properly start Internet Explorer? While I prefer to use Firefox for Internet browsing, Internet Explorer is required for Windows updates. If Internet Explorer fails to start up, try to start Internet Explorer in “safe” mode. Click on the start button, click run, and type “iexplore -extoff” without the quotes. This command starts Internet Explorer with no add on programs. If Internet Explorer does start and run correctly, you need to determine what add on program is causing the problem. Check the add-ons and remove any that are not necessary. Restart Internet Explorer in safe mode and see if it works properly.

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On the technical side 12-07-2010



Many people have misconceptions about how they access documents, pictures, music on their computers.


Many people think that they use Google to connect to the Internet but they use a browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Google is just a website or home page that they may go to for searches. Think of the browser as a telephone and Google as a place that you call.

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On the technical side 11-30-2010

“Why would MS sell an operating system that wouldn't work?” anonymous email

This type of question is asked very frequently. While I am not a Microsoft lover, I can appreciate the idea behind the question. You are John or Jane Q. Public. You purchased a computer and some programs that don’t work. Who is at fault? “It must be Microsoft!”

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On the technical side 11-16-2010

Have you noticed that you can buy cell phone minutes at your drug store? I was a bit surprised when I noticed a famous drug chain advertising a low cost iPad like computer. Computers keep getting cheaper and are being offered by all kinds of retailers. Should I get proper licensing and permits to sell home and beauty products? How is my business going to survive?

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On the technical side 11-09-2010



While at a client business and attempting to concentrate on a complex computer issue, I received a phone call from my favorite offspring. All of my three kids have unique ways to become my at the moment “favorite”. “Dad, I was filing a financial aid form on the Internet and was prompted for a payment…” Warning bells went off in my head. “YOU WHAT…!”

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On the technical side 11-02-2010


Have you heard about FireSheep?  Firesheep is a Firefox add on utility that will allow you to snoop on unprotected networks. This tool illustrates the need for security. If you are in an unsecure or open wireless environment and happily facebooking, your session can be stolen from you.

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On the technical side 10-26-2010

“Page not found”

Are you greeted by this message when you start up Internet Explorer or other browser? What does this mean? This message indicates that a particular web address in the address bar is not available. Are you sure that you typed in the correct name? Type “www.google.com” in the address bar.  Do you see the familiar Google webpage? You should type in something in the search bar to make sure that your computer isn’t just repainting a page from memory. Does a search return something?

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On the technical side 10-17-2010

Internet Research:

If you love technology, you must be aware of the iPhone. What is the big deal with this phone? The first time that I attempted to use the phone, I handed it back to the owner and commented, “It’s nice”. I didn’t want to insult his choice of phone. My trusty Blackberry does almost everything. If it’s good enough for the President, it’s good enough for me.

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