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On the technical side 03-25-2008

SPAM king to be sentenced Jun 20:

Robert Solloway, the SPAM king, pleaded guilty of mail and email fraud and willful failure to file a tax return. He could be sentenced to as long as 26 years, 20 years for mail fraud, 5 years for email fraud, and 1 year for failure to file a tax return.

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On the technical side 03-17-2008

 You don't have a computer so you don't have to worry about your personal information being stolen, right?


WRONG! Your home computer may divulge your personal information to bad guys but banks, retailers, health providers, and even the government may inadvertently reveal information about you. Anyone interested in stealing identity information is most interested in large blocks of information that is available at large organizations.

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On the technical side 03-11-2008


MonaRonaDona antivirus scam

Here's a virus with a twist. Your computer screen suddenly displays this message. “Welcome to MonaRonaDona. I am a Virus & I am here to wreck your PC. .... I was created as a protest against the Human Rights violations being observed throughout the world...”

Isn't is nice to know that someone wants to remind us about human rights by infecting our computers and attempting to scam us out of our hard earned dollars.

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On the technical side 03-04-2008


What would you do if you received an email from a character claiming to be a hitman with a contract on your life? Don't answer it of course but you may want to contact local law enforcement officials if you receive any email containing threats to you or your family.

The FBI is investigating a recent rash of emails that claim to be from hitmen to potential victims.

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On the technical side 02-26-2008

The rain a few weeks ago cause some considerable damage to computers in the Merrimack valley. Roofs that had never leaked in the past decided to open up on 2 particularly important computers.


One computer stored records for a busy doctor's office. When the doctor contacted my office on a referral, we determined that it made more sense to install a new computer. It was assumed that the backup tapes would get him up and running quickly. The replacement computer arrived promptly but a restoration attempt of the records revealed that backups were not being done properly. The most important files were not being backed up. If the doctor was not able to recover his patient and financial records, his practice was in serious trouble.

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On the technical side 02-19-2008


You've been working on a project that is almost complete. When you attempt to turn on your computer, nothing happens. The project is due. There isn't time to repair the computer. What do you do?

If you've backed up your work, take your project to another computer and finish your work. Most homes and businesses have more than one computer. It shouldn't be hard to find another computer. What if you haven't backed up your work? If the project is not very big and you remember all the information, you could retype it. If the project is too large to remember everything, all is not lost.

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On the technical side 02-12-2008

Recently, a panic stricken office manager, Paula, contacted me to plead for help with a computer problem. Paula had done what appeared to be the logical thing to do. She contacted the manufacturer when the computer refused to boot up. During a long troubleshooting telephone conversation with the manufacturer's tech support, she was instructed to reinstall Windows. After asking at least three times, “Is this going to delete my information? Isn't there any other option?”, the technical support person assured her that there was “no other way” to get the computer operational.

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On the technical side 02-05-2008

Have you ever looked inside of  your computer? Advances in integrated circuitry have significantly reduced the number of components in your computer. Most of the action goes on behind the scenes in the software or computer instructions.


A VERY large amount of instructions are required to make a computer operate properly. It shouldn't be a surprise that most computer problems are caused by software or configuration problems. Troubleshooting software problems is a challenge that requires patience and attention to detail.

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On the technical side 01-29-2008

What's in that computer box?


If you are brave enough to venture inside your computer by removing a few screws and an access panel, you would find the hardware that makes your computer tick.


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On the technical side 01-21-2008

Help! My computer won't start up. The Microsoft Windows logo briefly appears but the computer just shuts off. What could be wrong?


It is very likely that the hard drive has become corrupt. The hard drive contains files that tell your computer how to start up and operate. If something happens to just one of the files used to startup your computer, your computer is not going to function properly.


You might be wondering, “How did that happen?”.

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