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On the technical side 07-01-2008

Is your computer "green"?


The current energy crisis may not be the most pleasant situation but it is forcing us to consider energy consumption. In the past, it was easy to waste electricity. It was cheap. It did not cost much to leave lights on.


Your computer is one of many electrical devices that consume power in your home or business. Are you aware of the power settings in your computer?

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On the technical side 06-24-2008



Have you heard comments about Microsoft Vista? Someone might turn on a Vista computer and determine that they don't like the way it looks but don't let looks make your mind up. You really can't say Vista is garbage unless you have specific points to support your opinion.


Programs that used to work on XP may no longer work on Vista.

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on the technical side 06-17-2008


Before you run out and purchase a low cost laptop at the discount store, consider a few points.


You can find laptops that are very cheap at the discount stores but what do you do about service? Computers are not simple devices that you just plug in and use. There is always some tuning for your particular computing situation.


Does the retailer offer you a guarantee?

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On the technical side 06-10-2008




Computers do fail but most of the time, it is the programs or software that are causing a problem.

Before anyone can help you diagnose the problem, you need to provide more information besides just the cryptic error message that appears on the screen. It is always helpful if you provide the type of computer and some information about how the error occurred.


Have you ever wondered why a doctor won't diagnose someone over the phone?

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On the technical side 06-03-2008


A lot of clients and readers have asked if AVG is still free to home users.

You can find the AVG 8.0 free distribution at Free.avg.com. You need to navigate some confusing windows to find the distribution. You will need to remove any other virus scanners and spyware tools before installing AVG 8.0



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On the technical side 05-06-2008


Microsoft has been attempting to retire XP but the date keeps moving out. There is even a petition effort to convince Microsoft to keep XP alive a bit longer.


The computing public has refused to allow Microsoft to bury Windows 2000 long after Microsoft declared it dead. There are still a lot of Windows 2000 systems still in use today. XP systems will also still be in use long after Microsoft declares it dead and buried.

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On the technical side 04-28-2008


Last week, scammers attempted to bilk Lowell area residents. Congratulations email began appearing in local email boxes that appeared to be from Washington Savings Bank. The email claimed that you would receive $90 if you clicked on a link in the email and took a survey.

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On the technical side 04-22-2008


Windows 98 and Millennium (ME) systems should have at least 128MB

(megabytes) of memory. These older operating systems don't even “see” more than 512MB. The memory allocation routines were not very efficient in these operating systems. You are just wasting your money if you add too much memory.

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On the technical side 04-15-2008

On March 23, 2008, the Epilepsy Foundation's website, www.epilepsyfoundation.org, was hacked by someone with NO regard for people's safety. This attack was not the usual mischievous prank but it was specifically designed to induce epileptic seizures in people with lowered seizure thresholds. In the past, there have been television shows and flashing lights of specific characteristics that have been documented to induce seizure activity but this is the first publicized deliberate attempt to cause seizures.

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On the technical side 04-01-2008

Have you noticed how computers usually fail?

You might turn on the power switch and nothing happens but most of the time, your  computer will start doing odd things because of viruses or software failures. This type of failure usually has nothing to do with hardware or the nuts and bolts of your computer.

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