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On the technical side 09-30-2008


Have you heard of Craiglist? It is an Internet service much like ebay except there is no cost to place listings. You can even find jobs on Craigslist.


One technology saavy bank robber used Craigslist to post a job for a decoys.

The posting advertised $28.50 for a road flagman job in Monroe, Washington.

About a dozen unsuspecting respondents to the job posting were emailed what to wear and when to show up for work.

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On the technical side 09-16-2008


Do you remember the laptop battery recalls in the past? Batteries aren't the only things generating recalls. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently issued some warnings about Sony and Dell laptops.

Some Sony Vaio laptops are being recalled due a wiring and possible short circuit problem. If you have one of the following Sony Vaio laptop models, VGN-TZ100, VGN-TZ200, VGN-TZ300 and VGN-TZ2000, contact to Sony to inquire if your laptop is part of the recall.

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On the technical side 09-02-2008

Q: Have you used "the flip"? Chris L. Westford


A: There was and an interesting radio commentary about the flip a few weeks ago. The flip is the latest gadget for the "in" crowd such as Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.


What's  the flip? Have you ever wanted to film something but by the time you fumbled with your cell phone or video camera, the action was over?

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On the technical side 08-26-2008


Are you considering a new laptop for school? Consider some issues before you make your purchase.

Are you going to be bringing the laptop to class? Will the laptop be a distraction or a tool to help you take notes? Are your eyes up to a small screen?

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On the technical side 08-19-2008

 MBTA hackers


The MBTA has made big computer news recently. What could be happening at a transit service that would be big computer news? Three MIT students were scheduled to present their findings about hacking the MBTA at a big hacker convention, Defcon. Defcon is the hacker equivalent to the world series.


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On the technical side 08-12-2008



After over 5 years and almost 100 purchases and sales on ebay, I finally got scammed. Ebay even protected the bad guy. When I emailed to place a complaint, ebay responded that they could not tell me the the results of their investigation due to privacy issues. Ebay was concerned about a crook's privacy!

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On the technical side 08-05-2008


If you haven't used the text feature on your cell phone, here is a good reason to start texting.


Have you heard of the new free service, www.chacha.com? You could think of it like google on your cell phone. If you need to know the answer to a question, just call 800-2chacha and ask. An answer will be sent to your cell phone via text. The service will not predict the future or read people's minds ...yet but you can get the answers to questions like "Who won the world series?" or "who was the first president?".

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On the technical side 07-28-2008


Q: My laptop power supply is not functioning. How do I replace it?


A: You might be tempted to run down to the store and purchase a universal power supply.

This might not be your best plan of action. Universal power supplies usually require you to properly configure the adapter. There could also be some switch settings for you to adjust too. If you make a mistake, you could damage your laptop.

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On the technical side 07-15-2008

City of Newark, NJ catches dishonest computer tech


Michael Kyereme was working as an independent contractor for the city of Newark, NJ. He found all kinds of problems with the computer equipment.

The problem was that he didn't replace the equipment. Kyereme ordered all kinds of replacement parts but sold the parts to a third party in California.


The IRS, FBI, and US Attorney's office were all involved in this case.

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On the technical side 07-08-2008


CAREFUL WITH YOUR EMAIL:                                

The classic email blunder happened in the summer of 2006. Todd Shriber, press aide to U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., e-mailed attrition.org in search of a hacker to bump up his GPA.


"I need to urgently make contact with a hacker that would be interested in doing a one-time job for me. The pay would be good. I'm not sure what exactly the job would entail with respect to computer jargon, but I can go into rough detail upon making contact with a candidate."

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