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On the technical side 12-16-2008



Were you one of the lucky households or businesses that lost power after the last ice storm?


Early Friday morning, the power failed on my street after a large tree crashed into a power line.

My street was the only one in the immediate area that lost power. Kudos to National Grid. They restored service to the street by mid evening on Friday.

My business office was not so lucky.


Power was still out on Saturday morning but I was back in business by Sunday morning.


Businesses have two major power issues to consider, "How do you stay in business with no power?" and "Were any of the computers damaged when power failed?".


A surge protector will provide basic protection to your electronic gear in the event of potentially damaging changes in the electrical service. This protection will cost $10-$20. A UPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply, uses a battery to provide emergency power for short periods of time, usually less than an hour. A UPS will also provide surge protection. The average cost of this protection will usually run about $50-$75. More expensive units are

available and provide longer operational times. Most   electrical protection

manufacturers provide an insurance policy on anything plugged into their equipment. If something fails because of electrical surges, you are compensated for the damages.


If you need more than an hour or so of emergency power, you should consider an emergency generator.

If you don't know what you are doing, you can severely injure yourself or another innocent person who had nothing to do with your folly. Lineman have been electrocuted by improperly connected generators.


A little knowledge can be dangerous. Ask a professional if you have any questions about providing emergency power to your home or business.




What if one your computers failed? Are you prepared? Can you recover easily?

In the event that your computer is damaged, will you lose any important information from your computer?


It doesn't matter how you backup your information but you should have a process or procedure in place in the event of a computer failure. Backup could be as simple as copies of documents that you determine are irreplaceable. You could also copy all your files and documents to an external hard drive or usb flash memory stick.


Define a simple process and stick with it. KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Don't make it a complicated mess. Make sure that you are disciplined and follow your backup procedure. You can be sure that a failure is going to happen when you least expect it.






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