On the technical side 11-25-2008
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On the technical side 11-25-2008


Here are a few low cost holiday gift ideas for people on your high tech gift list.


$10 can get you a USB flash memory stick. These devices are about the physical size of a lipstick case but they are available in many different memory capacities.

They are very

popular and you can find them at all types of retailers. Every computer user always has a use for a little extra storage that they can easily carry in their pocket.


Every laptop user should have a good laptop carry case. Physical damage is the main cause of laptop problems. Make sure that the case properly isolates the laptop from bumps. A good case should cost $25 or more but it is the best insurance policy for your laptop.


If you have a computer power user on your gift list, you can never have enough USB ports for your computer. A good hub will add extra places to plug in USB memory and all kinds of computer extras.

Make sure not to plug in too many devices that draw power from the USB interface. One of my clients noticed a burning smell one day. He discovered that the computer power supply was being overtaxed from all the things that he had plugged into the USB hub.


Canned air might only cost less than $5 per can but it is a waste of resources. Think about it,  the can is charged with air and you have to throw it out after the air is exhausted. If you need some air to blow dust from the computers nooks and crannies, purchase an air mattress inflater.

It's a renewable resource and you will have all the air that you would need.



You might be tempted to give a gift card or certificate for a holiday gift.

Make sure that you don't give

a gift that can't be used. Purchase ONLY from companies with good reputations. Even companies with good reputations have closed up shop and left consumers holding worthless gift certificates.


Did you know that gift certificates are good for 7 years. If there is no expiration date, the certificate is good FOREVER. "Forever" is forever as long as the retailer stays in business.

A lot of consumers have been stuck by retailers who are here today and gone tomorrow. If you have any questions about gift card regulations, check out the http://www.mass.gov/


There are some organizations that allow you to trade or cash gift certificates from retailers. Check out any available feedback on the company before you send your card or gift certificate for redemption.



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