On the technical side 11-11-2008
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On the technical side 11-11-2008

"I hate Vista"


Have you used the new Microsoft operating system, Vista? Have you had a good or a bad experience?


New Microsoft operating systems will appear about every 3 years. ...but here

is the skinny on   operating systems. Do you know that the building blocks

to make operating systems is usually based on the predecessors?



Windows 3.1 was the windows version of MS DOS, Microsoft Disk Operating Systems. Crashes were somewhat frequent but you were able us old DOS programs. Windows 95 was the next big thing from Microsoft. Windows 95 was followed by Windows 98 and Windows ME. Windows ME was the last operating system based on the Windows 95 code base or building blocks.


Windows 98 was probably the best of 95, 98 and ME. Windows ME was TERRIBLE!

Windows ME  looked good on paper but it was a miserable failure. Check out the Internet for information and comments about Windows ME. You will find a lot of bad press about it.


About the same time as the Windows 95 release, Windows NT appeared on the scene. It was a completely new operating system. The major technical resource for Windows NT was hired from Digital Equipment Corp, a past Merrimack valley technology titan. Microsoft was also involved with IBM in a collaboration for a new operating system. OS2 was the result of that collaboration. It was supposed to be the next DOS but the relationship with IBM went sour.


Windows NT was mostly behind the scenes and used as a server. Windows 2000 appeared and was available as a workstation or server. "I hate Windows 2000"

was a pretty popular comment. I confess I repeated that comment until I understood the internals of Windows 2000 and operating systems.


People saw Windows 2000 crashes incorrectly assumed that the operating system was defective. Crashes on a Windows 2000 were usually caused by errant programs. What used to be acceptable behavior in a Windows 98 program was a "no no" on a Windows 2000 system. If an old program was used on a Windows 2000 system and it touched a restricted area ... CRASH! This is exactly how an operating system is supposed to act. Any unpredictable behavior should crash the system immediately.


Think about it. Didn't you hear a lot of "I hate XP" comments when it first emerged? After XP had the bugs worked out, vista appeared. Vista does have some issues but it is based on XP. Microsoft has made some marketing attempts to increase confidence in Vista but a lot of people are probably waiting for "Windows 7".


It was common practice to avoid new car models during the first year. You may want to continue that thinking when considering an operating system.




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