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On the technical side 10-28-2008



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Sent in by Tom G. Chelmsford, MA



There have been a lot of computer hacks that have been pulled on the public in the past few years but my "favorite" is the blaster worm. Microsoft released information that there was a problem area in the operating system.

The problem did not exist in older operating systems but it could be a real mess for  new and improved operating systems such as XP.



The author of the problem used the information released by Microsoft to craft the blaster. Microsoft had a patch released to deal with the problem but a lot of people didn't download the patch. If your system was on the Internet when the worm was released, it was estimated that it only took about 10 minutes for your computer to be infected.


The blaster wrecked havoc on the Internet. The really interesting thing about this worm was that the author has never been discovered. People who used the blaster have been caught and prosecuted but the original Mr or Ms blaster have never been apprehended. You can bet that there are some MAJOR legal problems waiting for this hacker. I wouldn't want to be in his or her shoes.




Are you tired of all the improvements added to programs that you use?

Check out www.oldversion.com for past releases of programs that are part of your computing environment. AIM, AOL Instant Messenger, is one that has become bloated with advertising.

If you just want to do SIMPLE text messaging, download and use the older version of AIM. Newer is not necessarily improved..... Sometimes newer versions seem to be revenue producing mechanisms.  Microsoft has mentioned that there will be a new operating system released every 3 years.



Vista has raised a lot of people's irritation level. Vista is really based on XP technology. You could say,  Vista is the son or daughter of XP. Some of the user interface is different but the underlaying building blocks are very similar.


You could almost make the analogy of Microsoft to car manufacturers. It is very expensive to remachine and tool up for new car models. The car industry has to sell new models to make money. Auto manufacturers do not have a business model that considers people owning their cars for more than 4-5 years. Doesn't that sound like Microsoft? Change the operating system every

3 years to keep that revenue stream rolling!






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