On the technical side 10-21-2008
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On the technical side 10-21-2008

 NAVY LAB WORKER "ACQUIRES" LAB EQUIPMENT Victor Papagno's wife telephoned his Navy Research Lab bosses and requested that they come and get her husband's computer equipment out of her house.

Papagno had assaulted his wife and she wanted to get him and his stuff out of her house.


The Navy had no idea what Papango could possibly have that would warrant his wife's phone call. When authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered

19,709 pieces of equipment worth $1.6 million.


He had accumulated so much stuff that friends and neighbors were asked to store boxes of pilfered items.


His wife dropped charges against her husband but the government was not so forgiving. The equipment  consisted of hard drives, floppies, CDs, and zip drives that contained personal information of contractors and employees.

There weren't any charges of espionage but this guy was in big trouble.


There are a couple of morals to the story.... Don't take things home from work and ALWAYS stay on good terms with your wife!




An enterprising artist, Evan Roth,  wanted to send a message to the TSA inspectors while his carry on bags traveled through airport scanners. He took a metal plate and cut patterns in the plate to send TSA inspectors messages. Check out http://evan-roth.com/rhizome2008/


He has a few interesting messages such as an American flag but something that the inspectors didn't find too humorous was an outline of a box cutter.

It's not a good idea to joke about people's safety but an American flag or other patriotic image might be a pleasant surprise to inspectors.


ECONOMIC TIMES GOOD FOR MALWARE DEVELOPERS A recent study at Georgia Tech Information Security Center indicates that "around 15 % of all computers are infected as bots". Last year that number was 10%. Even 10% is a very high number and can wreck havoc on the Internet.


A "bot" is a computer that has been taken over by bad guys and used to send garbage on the Internet.


...so the bad guys are gaining on you. They are trying to gain control of your computer. Maybe they want to get your personal information or perhaps they want to turn your computer into an advertising machine.


The malware developers can't cut back because the bad guys are increasing their efforts to take control of your computer. There will be more opportunities to sell computer protection products. The bad guys are always looking for new ways to attack your computer. ...and there has to be ongoing research to counter the new malware attacks.


Use common sense when surfing the Internet.  Don't download any "FREE"

programs unless you are completely sure they are malware free.



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