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On the technical side 06-24-2008



Have you heard comments about Microsoft Vista? Someone might turn on a Vista computer and determine that they don't like the way it looks but don't let looks make your mind up. You really can't say Vista is garbage unless you have specific points to support your opinion.


Programs that used to work on XP may no longer work on Vista.

You might find that you have to update or possibly purchase new versions of your programs. Drivers or programs that allow your printers and other hardware to work with the computer may need to be updated. One client purchased a new hp printer/scanner but was not able to take full advantage of the new hardware until HP released a new installation to support Vista.


If you get into the nuts and bolts of Vista, you will find that Vista is based on XP but Vista “looks” different. Consider this point. Would you buy a new car if it looked exactly like your old car? Microsoft may have decided that in order to get people to purchase a new operating system, it had to “look” different. Computer users might conclude that Vista is just a new name unless it looked different.


Microsoft has added some nice features to Vista but the best of the new features are not available in the home versions of the product. You can buy Vista for less than $100 but you should consider the business version. The business version has a very nice backup program. It allows you to fully recover a from a failed hard drive in just about an hour. After you replace the failed hardware, you boot from the a cd/dvd rom and follow the directions. Your computer will be restored the point where you did your last backup. If you change your computer, you can also use this feature to set up your new computer with all your old programs and information. You don't even have to install windows, everything is done for you but you have to set up the backup properly.


Another nice feature that should be considered by enterprises that allow employees to use laptops. Have you heard about various government agencies that lose laptops? There is a nice encryption feature on the most expensive version of Vista. In the unfortunate event that a laptop was stolen, the thief would not be able to recover any of the data on the computer. The thief might have the laptop but they wouldn't be able to see any information that was encrypted by the rightful owner.


When you get down to it Vista really is an upgrade to XP. You have to decide if the upgrade is worth the price.





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