On the technical side 03-11-2008
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On the technical side 03-11-2008


MonaRonaDona antivirus scam

Here's a virus with a twist. Your computer screen suddenly displays this message. “Welcome to MonaRonaDona. I am a Virus & I am here to wreck your PC. .... I was created as a protest against the Human Rights violations being observed throughout the world...”

Isn't is nice to know that someone wants to remind us about human rights by infecting our computers and attempting to scam us out of our hard earned dollars.


That message makes it pretty obvious that something is wrong with your computer. You're pretty smart so you go on the Internet to find out how to get rid of the virus. Guess what? The makers of this mess have seeded the Internet with fake information about how to get rid of the virus. Even YouTube and Digg websites had misinformation about how to remove the virus.

The most popular FAKE antivirus tool that is being peddled is available at unigray.com for $39.


A google for the unigray website shows quite a few links but the unigray website itself is not available. It was most likely taken off the Internet because of scam activity. That's a good thing!


How did you get this malware? There was plenty of information about the virus itself but the method of infection was somewhat vague when googling “monadonarona”. Symantec's website, www.symantec.com, did state, “The Trojan may arrive and be installed on the compromised computer through other malware or misleading applications. “ Another antivirus developer is investigating a relationship to another program, RegistryCleaner 2008.


What are the points to remember regarding this situation? Don't waste your time looking for phony programs that make all kinds of false claims.

Download ONLY from a reputable source. There is no magic program that is going to repair your computer or make it run 100 times faster. If the MonaRonaDona message appears on your screen, don't panic. Find a REAL cure to your computer problems, don't get fooled by this latest ploy by scammers.



What is a backup? Backup is just a method to save your files in the event of a computer failure.

Suggestions for backup are external hard drives, scheduled tasks to do backups, copying files to another computer, and simple file copies to save important files. Floppy disks, CD, DVD, and usb memory devices are devices that can used to save files. Every week, there is at least one new nightmare that could have been avoided by backing up important files.


Do you have a backup procedure that works? What's your secret? Please send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Readers new and interesting approaches to backing up important files will be presented in future columns.




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