On the technical side 01-07-2008
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On the technical side 01-07-2008

“Don't get mad get even”


Have you been the victim of software pirates? If you purchase counterfeit or pirated software from any online auctions during the next few weeks, there is a program that allows you to collect a reward of “up to $500” for “dropping a dime”.



The Software & Information Industry Association is offering a bounty for software pirates. The program is appropriately named, “Don't get mad, get even”. Check out www.siia.net for details of the program. You might be $500 richer.




The schemes and scams to steal your money on the Internet are getting more sophisticated. During a recent radio interview, Amy Werner, Senior Vice President at Lowell Five, revealed that bank customers are still constantly being bombarded by scammers. She also provided some valuable tips to prevent you from becoming a victim.


You may have received an official looking email from your bank. The email usually will ask you to verify your personal information or it may direct to an “official” bank website. Do not respond to any email from your bank, especially if the email requests that you reveal personal information. Do not follow any links in the email. The email may direct you to an “official looking website but this is usually just a ploy to trick you into revealing your banking information. The bank knows your information and does not need to verify it via email or the Internet.


Bank customers have approached banks with “official” bank checks that are just pretty paper. Today's technology allows even school aged computer users to generate bogus checks. Believe it or not, when color copiers were first introduced, engineers were required to NOT make the copy “too good”. Copy machine manufacturers did not want to start a new breed of counterfeiters.

Bogus bank checks are very easily generated and are being passed to trusting victims.


A very common scam that is being passed on the unwary is the fake check for an amount that is higher than the amount of a transaction. There are all kinds of excuses given as to why the amount was too high but the victim is asked to cash the check and send extra funds some place. DON'T DO IT, you'll be sorry. If the check amount is wrong, INSIST on the proper amount and WAIT for the check to clear before you commit yourself. Don't be fooled by an offer that is too good to be true.


If you do have a question about your money or any money transaction, contact your bank directly.  Banking personnel are always available to address any issues concerning your money. Don't get caught by a scammer.



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