12-20-2004 IM
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12-20-2004 IM

12-20-2004 IM

Q: What does it mean to "IM" someone?

A: IM means Instant Message. IMing is almost as popular as email. If you ask any of the younger generation, they will tell you that IM is more popular than email. The younger people in my household have been known to be have phone conversations and simultaneous IM sessions with the SAME person. I 'm behind the times.

I don't know why you would have a phone conversation and IM session at the the same time. Most of the big Internet Service Providers, ISPs, have their own blend of IM but the IM system most used is AOL's implementation. AIM, Aol's Instant Messenger, is very easy to download and install. You don't have to be a member of AOL but you need to register as an AIM user. AIM is free for anyone to use. A few days ago there was a hiccup to AIM. A large number of AIM users were accidentally deleted from AIM. If you noticed that AIM doesn't work for you any more, you may have to create a new account for yourself. Why would you want to use IM? IM is just another way to communicate over the Internet. You can think of IMing like a phone conversation except you don't speak, you type. It's a lot like email but you get an immediate answer. Usually you only give your IM name to close friends and family. Use common sense when giving out your IM name. Would you want to be IMed by strangers? You may need to turn on IM only when you are able to take an interruption. My mother could never get any of her computing done because she was constantly being IMed by her grandchildren. IMing also allows you to send and receive files. If you have some pictures that you'd like to share, IMing is a great way to send pictures or files to someone. ...and with all this technology comes a drawback. You need to make sure that anything that you receive is scanned by your virus scanner. It is very easy to catch a virus from a file put on your system by IM. IMing is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family but there are drawbacks. It is very easy to get interrupted too many times. Be very careful that the properties are set properly. You don't want anyone, even your friends putting anything on your system without your consent. COMPUTER TIP: Just because the computer is new, doesn't mean that the operating system is up to date. Don't forget to do the Microsoft updates and virus scanner on your new computer.


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