12-13-2004 ebay ghost
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12-13-2004 ebay ghost

12-13-2004 ebay ghost

Q: Did you hear about the woman who sold her father's ghost on ebay?

A: In case you haven't heard of Ebay, ebay is a website that gets buyers and sellers of items together. Some of the items sold on ebay are a bit exotic but a ghost is really pushing the definition of exotic. Ebay item 5541270243, "My father's ghost - grandfather cane, scared son", was sold for $75,000.

When the item made the news, the bidding was only at $78 but an online casino was the high bidder for $75,000. One of the children in the seller's family thought that their house was haunted by his grandfather who had died in the house. The lady of the house thought that she would calm her son's fears by selling her father's cane, ghost included. I don't know how she arranged the deal with the ghost. The buyer is obligated to write a letter the youngster to notify him that the ghost left the house with the cane. Some genius at the casino decided that the ghost was worth $75,000. This casino has also purchased a cheese sandwich that supposedly has the image of the virgin Mary. ...and we thought that the gambling casinos had all the odds in their favor. Someone at that casino isn't playing with a full deck. A quick check on ebay turned up another interesting item, # 5541965566, "Haunted Indian Artifact! & Scared wife who's had enough". The seller states that either his "crabby ole lady" wife or the artifact has to go. Strange occurrences are attributed to the haunted Indian artifact. The seller's wife also claims to see balls of light and an angry Indian who mysteriously appears and disappears. Ebay does have some normal items for sale but "buyer beware". Think of ebay like a huge one stop super store. If you are looking for something to buy, you can find it on ebay. The service on ebay is hot and cold, some sellers will do what is takes to satisfy the purchaser but others could care less once they have your money. There is a feedback system where sellers and buyers can grade each other. If a seller gets a lot of bad ratings, you'd know to stay away from them. During one bad transaction, it took the seller four times to send me something that worked properly. It would have been a good deal if the first computer worked properly but postage for four computers quickly diminished any bargain. There are even late night television infomercials about how you can make millions on selling items on ebay. Ebay has something for everyone but "BUYER BEWARE".


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