11-29-2004 holiday shop
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11-29-2004 holiday shop

11-29-2004 holiday shop

The Christmas shopping season is upon us. You might want to take advantage of all the holiday sales and make a hi-tech purchase. Do you have a computer user on your shopping list? Are you considering a new computer or upgrading your old computer? Don't just run out and buy a new computer.

Carefully consider your purchase. Just because one computer costs more than another computer doesn't necessarily mean the more expensive computer is best for you. What should you consider when buying a new computer? The processor or CPU is the heart of the PC. Intel and AMD are the major manufacturers of processors used in computers. Celerons, semprons, athlons, and P4s are some of the processors to consider in a new computer. The celeron is used on entry level systems and the P4 is used on high end systems but the speed of the processor is also a factor to consider. If you are a mac user. Your choice is much simpler. Apple is the only provider of mac computers. PC users have a lot more manufacturers to consider. How much memory do you need? Memory is usually measured in megabytes. 256 megabytes is a good amount of memory for a starter system. How big is the hard drive? A 40 gigabyte hard drive is small by today's standard but it will be able to handle most computer user's storage requirements. How do you plan to use the computer? What programs do you need for the new computer? Is a word processor included? Do you know how to move all your important information to the new computer? Are you considering upgrading your old computer's processor? Has your old computer slowed down? Computers don't slow down with age. Your computer should run just as fast as it did when you first brought it home. Viruses, spyware, adware, or other badly behaved programs might be slowing down your computer. Upgrading your processor might not give you the results that you expect if you have a software problem. Make sure that your system is not infected with a virus or spyware. Are you trying to decide between a laptop or desktop computer? Laptops are nice portable packages but your computer is most vulnerable to physical damage when moving it. If you don't need portability, a desktop system might be your best choice. Recent laptops have screens that are easier to read than earlier models but you have almost unlimited viewing screen choice with a desktop. Any purchase you make requires some thought. Your hi-tech purchase requires some thought but you can buy the system that is right for you if you do your homework.


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