11-08-2004 counterfeit
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11-08-2004 counterfeit

11-08-2004 counterfeit

Computers are great tools with many legitimate uses but the bad guys are busy taking advantage of the new technology too. When color copiers first became available, there was quite a rash of geniuses who attempted to copy money and pass it on the street. Can you imagine the financial chaos if everyone with a color printer started printing counterfeit?

The US treasury took a while and finally responded with new bills. It is very easy for the average person to determine if a bill is counterfeit. OK, so our money is safe but are you aware that the bad guys are printing and selling counterfeit sporting event tickets? What is being done to prevent counterfeit tickets? Sporting arenas are assigning bar codes and unique numbers to each valid ticket sold. If you purchase your tickets on line from a legitimate source, there will probably be some type of serial number or bar code assigned to that ticket. Think of it like a credit card. There is only one legitimate credit card with your number. There is a problem with that solution. What happens if the bad guys figure out the numbering system for the tickets? They may print fake tickets with numbers or bar codes that appear to be valid but there is only one valid number per ticket. Two tickets with the same number will generate an error at the gate. What happens if the counterfeit ticket holder was allowed admission before the valid ticket holder? The counterfeit ticket holder will enjoy the sporting event as your guest. A similar counterfeit problem occurred a few months ago with software activation keys. A certain software package was sold with a unique activation key. The bad guys figured out the activation key numbering system and started selling counterfeit software with activation keys. If a counterfeit key was activated before the legitimate key holder, the legitimate key holder was unable to use software that they purchased. It was a real mess! What is the lesson learned? Only purchase things on line from reputable sources. ...and be very careful when purchasing tickets from scalpers. Interesting web site: There is a different "porn" site on the web. Have you heard of www.xxxchurch.com? Don't expect any revealing pictures on this porn site. This web site was created by two creative ministers to help people who have problems with Internet pornography. There is even a program available for download to monitor your computer use. The program reports any questionable activity to a sponsor of your choice. It will also notify the sponsor if you attempt to turn off the program. It's a pretty good tool to help overcome a problem.


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