10-25-2004 ispy/fashion
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10-25-2004 ispy/fashion

10-25-2004 ispy/fashion

I-Spy act of 2004: Congress has voted on an interesting piece of legislation named the I-Spy act of 2004. It almost sounds like the tv series from the 60s but this legislation is intended to put a dent in spyware. If this legislation passes final approval, it will be a crime to access or install a program on a "protected computer" computer without authorization. This is a step in the right direction but it won't completely stop the bad guys from doing things to your computer.

A "protected computer" is defined as a computer used by a financial institution or US government. An illegal activity won't stop just because there is a law against it. The payback and the risks must outweigh the payoff for the illegal act to stop. Think of it this way, If a bad guy knows that they can steal hundreds of dollars, will they stop just because there is a law against it? There has to be an appropriate punishment to deter the activity. Computer fashion. Have you noticed how appliances have changed over the years? There have been some innovations added such as dehumidifiers, ice makers and cold water dispensers but the basic functionality hasn't changed. A refrigerator is designed to keep your food cold. Computers are likewise undergoing a fashion changes. The first computers introduced to the home came in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. After a period of time, an off white box became the standard. Today, white seems to have fallen out of favor. Dell made their fashion statement a few years ago with black systems. Silver and grey systems seem to be the current fashion. There are a few computer manufacturers that still make fashion statements. Have you seen the new apple systems? Apple systems usually have a new and different look. Have you seen the "alienware" computers? They look like some kind of an alien life form. There are also fancy lights, neon lighted fans, and other flashy accessories to dress up your computer. The case is important to protect your computer but flashing LEDs will not increase its performance. Look under the hood when you purchase a computer. What is the processor? How much memory does the system have? How big is the hard drive? Will the computer stay cool enough? Don't get caught up in fashion when you buy a computer. A fashion statement won't help you when the computer does not perform to your satisfaction. Different website: www.lares.dti.ne.jp/%7Eyugo/storage/monocrafts_ver3/03 Someone with too much time on his hands designed a new way to tell time. You really have to see this web page to believe it.


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