11-17-2003 lot of files
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11-17-2003 lot of files

11-17-2003 lot of files

Q: Will my system performance increase if I erase files from my hard drive?

A: Having a large number of files on your hard drive will not affect your system performance. You don't want to have junk laying around on your system but the number of files on your hard drive will not affect system performance. Consider this, why would hard drives on the market keep getting larger if the number of files on your hard drive causes system performance problems?

If you bought a larger hard drive, did your computer's performance decrease? You will have problems, however; if the files on your hard drive are fragmented. A fragmented file is a file that has parts of itself spread over the hard drive. When you defragment the hard drive, all the files are placed in contiguous hard drive space. A file is accessed efficiently if the file is in one contiguous space. If you want to defragment your hard drive, left click on My Computer. Right click on the hard drive. Click on properties and then click on tools. If the defragment tool keeps stopping and restarting, start the system in safe mode and execute the defragment tool again. You should be defragmenting your hard drive every few weeks. Tip: Microsoft is going to issue a monthly update notice. Microsoft has had a lot of complaints from people who performed an update but received another notice to update again a short time later. It is to Microsoft's credit that customers are notified in a timely manner about updates that are available. Hackers are not going to wait for monthly updates before they attack systems. It might not be convenient to update systems but systems should be updated ASAP. You should start to notice less update notices in the near future but only time will tell if a monthly update notice is the right approach to take. News: Microsoft has established a bounty fund for hackers. The fund has established $250,000 rewards for information leading to the arrest of the originators of the blaster and sobig viruses. Microsoft wants to give us all incentive to be bounty hunters. You probably heard that a teenager was apprehended for releasing a modified blaster virus. The teenager just modified the original virus. He was not the author of the original virus but just another "self appointed genius". Did you notice how quickly he was apprehended? It will be interesting to see if the bounty offer results in arrests. The person behind 911 and the ex ruler of Iraq have $25,000,000 bounties on their heads. They have yet to be apprehended and held accountable for their actions.


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