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On the technical side 03-25-2014

Fun with scammers

One of the current popular telephone scam begins with this telephone greeting “Hello, this is Microsoft technical services calling. We have detected that your computer has a virus.”

If you enjoy messing with scammers, please use this response. “GREAT, Please give me YOUR credit card and I will allow you to pay me for the privilege of fixing my computer.” There is usually a pause from the caller. This response isn’t in their script. It’s fun to mess with scammers. Think up your own crazy response for scammers.

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On the technical side 03-16-2014

Fun with WiFi….

Have you wondered about word WiFi? Everyone uses it. What does the word represent? A quick look on the Internet will reveal that Wifi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”. If you dig a bit further, you will discover that the coiners of the phrase picked it as a marketing ploy.  There was HiFi that stood for “high fidelity” so WiFi seemed like a good brand name for wireless technology.

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On the technical side 03-11-2014

“Windows XP support ends April 2014…please tell me what this means to us who have Windows XP--Thank you, Judy”

A lot of people have asked this question since Microsoft announced that XP will not be supported after this April. You are probably aware that Microsoft has tried to retire XP in the past but outcries from the public forced Microsoft to reconsider their decision to retire XP. It would have been a very short sighted decision especially since the alternative was Vista. It seemed like a bad joke. XP had a pretty good reputation and Microsoft wanted you to “upgrade” to something with a less than stellar track record. What are your options?

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On the technical side 03-04-2014

Would you believe a “telephone book” could crash the Internet? When you open Internet Explorer or any browser to access the Internet, how does your computer know how to get to the proper website? If you enter www.google.com, what happens behind the scene that connects your computer to google?

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On the technical side 02-25-2014

“Server not found”

Have you ever seen this message displayed when you attempt to open Internet Explorer on your computer? "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" is the standard response when someone calls for technical assistance on the British television comedy, “IT Group”. As funny as it might seem, this solution can resolve some problems.

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On the technical side 02-19-2014

What would you do if you received a check that seemed like a windfall?

Before you cash any checks that appear to be a windfall, make sure that check is legitimate.  A new way to get your bank information is to send you a check for a small amount. When you cash the check, the cancelled check is sent to the potential scammer with your bank account information.

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On the technical side 02-09-2014

Do you need a new computer?

A virus is not a valid reason to purchase a new computer. If your computer is the frequent target of viruses, what makes you think that a new computer will make anything different? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Doesn’t it make sense to discover the cause of a computer failure and address it? On a side note, Einstein is usually credited with this insanity quote but a search on the Internet did not reveal the indisputable originator of this popular quote.

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On the technical side 02-04-2014

Are you thinking about purchasing a new computer?  Before you make a hasty decision that you will regret, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. All computers are not the same. Each type of computer has its own specific strengths and weaknesses. An iPad is not a desktop.

Most of us don’t have infinite resources. Our purchases have to count. If you need a new computer, consider how it will be used. Will you only use it at a desk? Does it have to be portable? What programs will you be using? Do you need a large screen?

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On the technical side 01-29-2014

Have you ever watched the news and been teased with an interesting news item that was promised to be shown later in the broadcast? Sometimes the news item of interest isn’t even televised. Another news item or advertisement may have been deemed more important. You waited almost a half hour for an interesting news item that wasn’t shown.

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On the technical side 01-21-2014

Have you thought about the latest big retailer credit card fiasco? Were you one of the many people affected by the data breach? What did you do wrong? Could you have done anything to avoid this mess?

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