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On the technical side 08-12-2014

Last week there was big news about hackers again. It seems that some Russian hackers given the name CyberVor, have gathered account passwords from many systems on the Internet. Could information about you be included in that data stolen from “secure” systems? The sites that have been hacked haven’t been identified.

The actual theft was carried out by “bots” or robots on the Internet. Large numbers of computers that have been compromised participated in the hack. These compromised computers formed a “bot” network that hackers used to actually do their dirty work.

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On the technical side 08-06-2014

Are you in the market for a new computer? Have you decided that you don’t want to purchase Windows 8 or 8.1? Microsoft released Windows 8.1 to address concerns with Windows 8. The update didn’t change too many minds about Windows 8. Do you have any options?

Why does Microsoft have to fix what isn’t broken. Microsoft’s response to the public’s displeasure is to tell us that we don’t know what is good for ourselves. Most people were happy with Windows XP. Why did Microsoft have to discontinue XP?

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On the technical side 07-29-2014

What does this button do?

When entering text on a keyboard, someone may tell you to press or hit the “return” key. Do you know the “return” key? I never took typing in high school. I wasn’t going to be a secretary and programmable calculators had only recently become available to the average person. There was no reason to be able to type quickly. … or so I thought. 

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On the technical side 07-22-2014

“I saw it on the Internet, it must be true…” A Facebook jokester posted a picture of Steven Spielberg on the set of “Jurassic Park.” Mr. Spielberg, the creator of many other famous movies was posed sitting in front of a “dead” triceratops dinosaur prop. The Facebook poster placed a caption, "Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man."

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On the technical side 07-15-2014

“I clicked on a link at a website and all of a sudden my computer started doing strange things… Do I have a virus?” Here is a news flash. Your computer may be infected long before you notice any strange behavior on your computer. “Smart” hackers don’t want you to know that your computer has been compromised. Think about it. Doesn’t a thief want to steal EVERYTHING possible?

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On the technical side 07-08-2014


Haven’t you learned the lesson that nothing is free? Do you have a “free” email account at gmail, Hotmail, aol, or some other email provider? If you have a problem with your email, who do you contact at one of the “free” providers?

My office regularly has visitors with questions about their email. The majority of questions involve forgotten passwords from free email providers. While many email providers include secret questions and answers to allow people to get back into their accounts, the secret questions and answers are forgotten too. Good luck with your attempt to recover your email account.

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On the technical side 07-01-2014

Do you think that counterfeiting is just a money problem?

You probably are aware of counterfeit products at some of the REALLY deep discounters but counterfeit products are a serious problem. Street vendors in New York have been known to sell fake expensive watches. What was the name of that bargain watch? …Rulex, Rolix, or Rolex?

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On the technical side 06-25-2014

Digital Detox Camp

High tech and computers are wonderful things but they do tend to get a hold on our lives. Are you tired of the constant bombardment of communications? What is your digital poison, text messages, cell phone calls, tweets, or email? Are you a slave to your cell phone?

Camp Grounded, www.campgrounded.org, offers weekend vacations or detox for the digital junkie. Guests are required to surrender all of their electronics and unplug for a weekend of COMPLETE non-work. Any work activities including conversations about work and networking are not allowed.

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On the technical side 06-17-2014

Network Neutrality?

Have you ever heard this phrase? Are you aware of its implications?

There is currently an effort by the telecom providers to make different tiers of service. If you are a business, telecom providers want to charge you a premium for better network speeds. A few months ago, Netflix, provider of movies over the Internet, was in a battle with Comcast over service. Netflix needs fast service to deliver movies to customers. If Comcast doesn’t allow Netflix to deliver movies quickly to customers, how long would Netflix stay in business? “No problem…” says Comcast, “you need to pay a premium for premium service…”

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On the technical side 06-10-2014

What is the motivation to be a hacker? Years ago, a hacker used to be a prankster but most current hackers are in the business to make money. Don’t get too comfortable with the idea that you will make a lot of money from hacking.

Even if you were UNLUCK Y enough to discover how to steal funds from a financial institution, your problems would be just beginning. Money transfers are traceable. The money had to originate somewhere and the money has to end up somewhere.  How do you account for large amounts of money when you have no source of legitimate income?

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