On the technical side 12-16-2014
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On the technical side 12-16-2014

Are you a target?

Are you under the impression that “the cloud” is going to make your computer life easier? Every week, we are subjected to news that another company has been hacked. All kinds of personal information is being divulged about you without your permission. You will never know the depth of all the information leaks that have happened since the beginning of the digital age. The very feature that makes the Internet or cloud easy to use is also the feature that makes it vulnerable to attack.

Do you use email? Email is like a telephone. Anyone can call you but you might not want to talk to that person. Take that attitude with email. Phishing attempts are very common in email. Did you receive an email from a friend that might not really be from that friend? Have you been given an “exclusive” invitation to a once in a life time opportunity? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t fall victim to an email scam.

Information companies are in the business to collect information. Why do you think that the current operating systems want you to log into your computer with an email address? That email address is tied to an account at “home base”. Don’t store your information out on the Internet unless you are willing to surrender your right to privacy. Companies that collect information have proven time and again that they can not be trusted to safe guard information.

Have you noticed how cell phone operating systems want you to use the cloud to save all of your important information? Do you really believe that these companies are doing this to help you? Do you have the name of the individual who is responsible for safe guarding your information? Your name is at the top of that list.

We need to be more selective about what information we divulge. You might be thinking, “I have nothing anyone would want…”. Ask someone who has had their identity stolen. They might have a different view.

Don’t make any assumptions about the safety of your information. If you are going to assume anything, assume that your information has been compromised. It is safer to assume that information has been compromised and take the steps to react to a breach than to just sit and wait for a problem to occur.

It is not pleasant to think that criminals are hiding on the Internet to steal your information but they are out there waiting for opportunities. Don’t make it easy for them. It might even make sense to make up “disinformation” at times. You are the first line of defense in your online identity. Take that responsibility seriously.


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