On the technical side 11-25-2014
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On the technical side 11-25-2014


You aren’t going to believe this one!

While surfing the Internet in search of new and exciting technology, I stumbled across the “No Phone”. That sounded interesting. What was it?

Enter the following link in your browser and prepare for a good laugh! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nophone-usa/the-new-and-unimproved-nophone?ref=nav_search

It is a block of plastic that resembles an iPhone. It will make it easy to adapt to no cell phone in your pocket. If you are stressed out with constant cell phone calls and need to cut the cord, this is the device for you. This is a substitute in your pocket to prevent you from separation anxiety.

In case you were wondering about the website, kickstarter.com, this website is a crowdfunding website. Anyone with an idea that needs funding for an interesting project can showcase their project and request funding. People will pledge funds to allow creators of projects to execute their plans. The pledgers usually receive something for their pledge.

In the case of the No Phone, pledgers receive their own No Phone. One option available is a mirror decal that allows the No Phone to “take” a selfie. Just look at the mirror. You can also get discounts when you purchase a more than one No Phone.

Inventors of the No Phone hoped to raise $5000 but they exceeded their expectations with 918 pledges that totaled $18316. Do you need a surrogate cell phone? Just think… Your No Phone is COMPLETELY waterproof. It never runs out of battery power. It is completely impact and damage resistant. The only problem is that it has no function other than giving you something to hold that feels like an iPhone.

Is this another pet rock? About forty years ago that idea did make someone very rich.


It is amazing how many people consider them self to be “stupid” when it comes to computers. When something doesn’t work on your computer or cell phone, don’t doubt your intelligence. You might be surprised to discover that there is something wrong with the device.

A recent email issue caused me to spend some time troubleshooting the problem. Searching the Internet revealed that Apple’s implementation of email doesn’t delete email properly. Apple’s engineers don’t think that email should be deleted from the email server immediately.

The only option available to POP email users is to delete email at various time periods after email is downloaded from your email server. If you use multiple devices to read your email, this can cause problems. …and it doesn’t work as one would assume.

When something doesn’t work properly, you might not be the problem. Read the manual and check the Internet for more information on the problem.


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