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On the technical side 11-11-2014

SPAM and other distractions?

There should be a word that describes unwanted SPAM, telephone calls, and television advertising. …and it should be a word that doesn’t sound nice!

Are you tired of being interrupted during the day with unwanted email, sales and scam telephone calls? If you ever find time to enjoy a television show, isn’t it frustrating to have to watch advertisements for things that you have no need or intention of ever purchasing? Another major irritation of these interruptions is that some of them are scams. Con artists and crooks have the nerve to step into my private space.

Businesses are especially vulnerable to these types of interruptions. A business has to have a phone number that is available to clients. Scammers know that businesses have to answer the phone so they call looking for their next victim. A “NO SOLICITORS” sign on business doors seems to attract sales people.

There are some interesting strategies available to the average citizen. You can use caller ID and not answer any phone call with an unfamiliar number. You can lock down your email and set your email client to discard email that isn’t from a list of people that you agree to receive email. You can channel surf during television commercials.

Businesses usually can quickly determine if a phone call could result in a sale but it is irritating to have to go through the process of wasting time on unwanted sales calls. My phone is not there to allow cold callers access to my business. The front door of my business exists for my clients.

During the election season, do you like to be bothered by political “pollers”. The caller is usually not really a poller but someone attempting to sway you to one side or another. Are there really people who can be easily swayed to change their vote by a phone call? I don’t believe it.

It is extremely frustrating to see elderly victims of telephone computer scams. The caller identifies themselves as a microsoft or “windows” employee. Noone is going to be calling to let you know that you have a virus on your computer. Don’t even consider entertaining the idea that the caller is going to help you for free. They may tell you that there will be no charge but you will be asked for payment when the expert has completed his “magic”. You can also be assured that the scammer will not be fixing your computer to your satisfaction.

There is light on the horizon. Robocallers are being prosecuted by the government. The Federal Trade Commission recently held a contest to identify robocallers. The winner receiver $3133.70. Robocallers are being hunted and fined by the FTC. The risk will outweigh the gain for robocallers…


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