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On the technical side 12-30-2014

Recently, there was big news about North Korea hacking into Sony to hold it hostage because of a movie that poked fun at their “supreme” leader. It is alleged that some REALLY smart hackers had hit North Korea with a taste of its own medicine. What if North Korea didn’t do the hack and had nothing to do with the Sony hack? Did conspiracy theorists convince some “patriotic” hackers to attack North Korea?

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One the technical side 12-23-2014

Have you finished all of your holiday shopping?

Are you looking for the perfect computer for you or someone else? What is the best computer if money is no object? The price that you pay doesn’t determine the quality of a computer. There are many low cost, high quality computers available on the market. You have to do your homework to find the best purchase for you.

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On the technical side 12-16-2014

Are you a target?

Are you under the impression that “the cloud” is going to make your computer life easier? Every week, we are subjected to news that another company has been hacked. All kinds of personal information is being divulged about you without your permission. You will never know the depth of all the information leaks that have happened since the beginning of the digital age. The very feature that makes the Internet or cloud easy to use is also the feature that makes it vulnerable to attack.

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On the technical side 12-09-2014


Do you recall the "Silk Road" from your geography/history classes? The term referred to trade routes taken by traders between Europe and the far east for hundreds of years.

The term "Silk Road" today refers to an underground network that supposedly allows untraceable trades of all kinds of "merchandise".

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On the technical side 12-02-2014

Computer holiday shopping season

The holidays bring out some traits in people that really don’t reflect the holiday season.

Did you find any great deals on Black Friday? Did you take advantage of Cyber Monday deals? Are you waiting for the right price for a gift? Is it worth waiting in line at retailers to fight with other shoppers over a holiday gift? I don’t think so…

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On the technical side 11-25-2014


You aren’t going to believe this one!

While surfing the Internet in search of new and exciting technology, I stumbled across the “No Phone”. That sounded interesting. What was it?

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On the technical side 11-18-2014

You are just an average person with a cell phone and wifi computer. You don’t have anything to hide, do you? Are you under surveillance? What is all the fuss about government spying?

Our founding fathers were extremely conscious of government intervention into privacy. The government seems to be more concerned with the results of the game rather than how the game is played. Would you give up your privacy rights if it prevented another 911?

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On the technical side 11-11-2014

SPAM and other distractions?

There should be a word that describes unwanted SPAM, telephone calls, and television advertising. …and it should be a word that doesn’t sound nice!

Are you tired of being interrupted during the day with unwanted email, sales and scam telephone calls? If you ever find time to enjoy a television show, isn’t it frustrating to have to watch advertisements for things that you have no need or intention of ever purchasing? Another major irritation of these interruptions is that some of them are scams. Con artists and crooks have the nerve to step into my private space.

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On the technical side 11-04-2014


What is the biggest threat to your computer?

The biggest threat to your computer is YOU! People are not getting the message that computer viruses and malware are real. If you value your pictures and other files that are saved on your computer, you need to take some preventative action.

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On the technical side 10-28-2014


Have you ever updated your computer or cell phone only to discover that the new and improved software isn’t what you expected? Windows XP has been successfully phased out after a long battle with XP users to keep it alive. When Windows vista arrived on the scene to replace XP, the average computer user said, “We don’t want it!”. Windows XP users were forced to update.

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