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On the technical side 10-24-2017

Are you using Windows 10 on your computer yet?

It used to be that a computer was just a tool to crunch numbers. Years ago, the home computer was a calculator. The younger generation would probably laugh at the thought of a calculator being a computer but a portable, battery powered calculator was a big deal in 1974. The onboard computers used during the moon landings had the same processing power as a calculator. Eventually the PC was born and real computers were available to the average home.

As the PCs became more sophisticated and offered more features, computer viruses became a reality. The calculator has only a keypad for input but a modern computer usually has many sources of input including a connection to the Internet. The mechanisms that are used to make a computer Internet ready can be exploited to allow infections by viruses.

In 2002, a major virus attack happened. If your computer was connected directly to the Internet without the current Microsoft updates or didn’t have quality antivirus software, your computer got the virus within a few minutes of being connected to the Internet. Microsoft thought that is was a good feature to allow remote management of the computer but that feature caused a real mess. That feature was exploited to allow the virus to spread through the Internet.

Microsoft is doing their best to kill old versions of Windows. It might be that your Windows XP system does everything that you want but there might be a problem waiting to emerge. Microsoft and researchers not associated with Microsoft continuously find security flaws in Windows. When Microsoft releases an update, flaws are resolved but the flaws are made public. Every computer isn’t always updated. Hackers create exploits that will use a security flaw to gain access to nonupdated computers. Older versions of Windows may be hiding a backdoor for hackers.

If you want to use Microsoft Windows, you need to keep your Windows system up to date but updates have been known to crash computers. The incidence to updates crashing your computer is not very frequent but it does happen. If you have a computer loaded with many programs, you probably will be more apt to have an update problem. Not updating your computer is just asking for trouble but you should be aware that doing updates is not always trouble free.

It is important to realize that Windows software is not bug-free. There are problems uncovered in older Windows software that are not always resolved promptly. It is best to keep Windows updated but every update release is unique. There is no absolute rule about updates but the best rule is to keep your computer updates current.





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