On the technical side 12-13-2011
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On the technical side 12-13-2011

Have you done all of your holiday shopping? What are some gift ideas this year for the computer or gadget person in your life?

Books and music are always good choice for a gift but you don’t have to actually purchase a book or CD. You can purchase a gift card from one of the major book or music download sites.


If you give someone a book or music download, how will they enjoy the book or music? If a person has access to a computer, they will be able to enjoy almost any book or music download. All of the major book and music formats can be used by a computer.

A Barnes and Noble nook or an Amazon kindle are easy to use and allow you to carry hundreds of books in the space of a single mid-sized book. You can bring your entire library with you anywhere. Would a book reader be a good gift?

An iPod or mp3 player will allow a user to listen to a music download. The latest versions of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad don’t even need a computer to act as a middleman for downloads. You can download directly from the “cloud” to your smart device.

In “ancient” times, we had televisions, telephones, record players, and books. Recent developments have given us smart phones and tablets that seem to be able to do it all. Is your smart phone, a phone or an entertainment device? Is a new smart phone or tablet in the plan?

Do you need any ideas for high tech stocking stuffers? A USB memory stick is always a good stocking stuffer. Anyone who moves files from one computer to another computer can always use another memory stick. A stack of CDROMs or DVDs is another item that can always be used by any computer users. A bottle of screen cleaner or screen wipes can help keep a computer screen clean.

How about a surge protector for the computer person who has everything? Electrical protection is the usually the most overlooked item by the high tech guru. It is too late after a surge has damaged the perfect computer setup.

Sometimes we can get too caught up in high tech devices. These devices are supposed to be making it easier for us to communicate but they seem to be isolating us from each other. Is it really necessary to be able to contact someone at any time anywhere in the world? Would a low tech gift like a quiet dinner for two be a nice way to become reacquainted?  Maybe my gift list will include low tech items this year.



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